Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 11 Review – “Hair-raising! Unidentified Creature Spotted in the Snowy Mountains”

The girls go to a ski resort!

(Spoilers in this review

Altair Torte is forced to go off-duty by Tierra-sensei. Fortunately,Yuumi has some connections and manages to secure a reservation at a resort. Tsubame and Io decide to go snowboarding while the other three attempt to find a yeti.

Best girls are now left alone.
Snowboarding date! ❤
We got Yuumi on the mic, Satoka on the cam, and Mana as the girl charging forward.
These ain’t bear tracks!

Yuumi, Mana, and Satoka come across huge footprints which convinces them that there’s a yeti lying around. They inform Tsubame and Io while they’re all soaking in the onsen. And then Biscuit Sirius shows up. It turns out that the leader of BS owns the resort!

They’re convinced that the yeti exists, too, and asks for Altair Torte to help them find the mysterious animal.

The weakest team encounters the strongest team.
Female twin maid censoring is too good!

The following day has the girls running into the Origami sisters, who wandered into this mountain searching for the yeti so they can earn money. However, they got lost after running away from a bear and ended up almost dying since they didn’t bring food or warm clothes.

Not the smartest trio.

Biscuit Sirius shows up and the leader asks the Origami Sisters where they saw the bear. Even if it’s not a yeti, it’ll be dangerous if a bear was this close to the resort, she reasons. She then tells them to leave the mountain because they’re not dressed for the weather. However, it turns out that she still doesn’t fully trust them. That’s a reasonable expectation, I suppose.

The cave that houses the supposed bear.

The bear turns out to be an O’bli and the crystals inside the cave act like Stella Prism (which means the O’bli can enter and leave the real world as they like). The girls decide they have to stop the O’bli, but Biscuit Sirius’ weapons are undergoing maintenance so it’s up to Altair Torte to take care of things. Wow, it’s not like this always happens whenever there’s enemies to fight.

As the leader of BS praises Altair Torte’s growing strength, an additional O’bli shows up and the defenseless BS are forced to scramble to survive. However, the Origami sisters show up and bail their sorry butts. Afterwards, the sisters take their leave…only to run into Morgana.

“Kept you waiting, huh?”
Oh, didn’t realize Morgana was barefoot.
They received all the yeti merchandise the resort was trying to sell because it wouldn’t do for the public to learn about O’bli.
Oh, wow, there was a yeti after all.
The sisters got wrecked by Morgana and probably will be used by her once again.

The episode didn’t really do anything new for the most part. Expect silly gags and non sequiturs as usual. However, the series is definitely setting up the final conflict where the Origami sisters are probably forced to do bad things again and it’ll be up to Altair Torte to save the day. 2 more episodes left to go!

3 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel Episode 11 Review – “Hair-raising! Unidentified Creature Spotted in the Snowy Mountains”

  1. ‘The sisters got wrecked by Morgana and probably will be used by her once again.’

    Tweak that a little and you’ve got a fetching porn title.

    That twin butt-censoring seems like a better alternative than good old, boring steam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Coming soon to an adult website near you!

      I guess that’s what happens when I’m careless with my language, oops.

      Yeah, the twins censored her chest, too. Better than steam or lights from heaven! Maybe.

      Liked by 1 person

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