Urara Meirochou Episode 11 Review – “Chiya and Kurou Sometimes Cry”

The Rank 9 Promotional Exam concludes this week!

(Spoilers in this review

While the other three girls are running around like headless chickens, Chiya has to deal with intrusive hands and menacing voices. At least she learns a few things from these badmouthing busters: the things that are attacking her consider her to be a traitor because her mom is, apparently, a trecherous Urara; she does indeed live in Meirochou; Chiya and her mom share the same colored eyes; and her mom’s name is Yami.

Unfortunately for these shadowy hands, Chiya’s kink is bellies and not asphyxiation.

Cornered, Chiya thinks back to episode 1, which is when she had Kon use kokkuri divination to determine the type of divination Chiya should use. With nothing to lose, Chiya whispers the word the kokkuri divination provided, “Kurou,” which somehow summons the black creature she saw back in episode 5.

Kurou’s method of protecting Chiya involves eating her, basically.

While protected inside Kurou’s belly, Chiya starts to See things, including images and memories depicting a woman that looks an awfully lot like her.

Chiya’s eyes briefly resemble that of Kurou’s.
So this is indeed Chiya’s mom, Yami.

The hands and voices retreat after cursing at Kurou and swearing that Chiya will get what’s coming to her eventually. Before Chiya can really collect her thoughts, Tokie’s voice blasts throughout the labrinyth and informs everyone that there’s only 15 minutes left for the exam.

“It’s your fifteen minute warning!”
Obligatory moment showing Saku and her henchmen worried about Chiya and the others.

Chiya uses Kurou’s power again in order to locate her friends, who were essentially lost. After Chiya briefly explains what’s going o, she then uses Kurou’s power once again in order to See the exit. Chiya apparently isn’t very good with other divination techniques, but using Kurou seems like a top-tier divination, wow.

“That ain’t our Chiya!”
“Time to save your sorry butts because I’m the Chosen One.”
Chiya’s game face is intense!
Tokie worrying about her daughter and deciding that she is too emotional when it comes to Kon.

And because of how powerful Kurou is (who fades away before the girls notice), they manage to reach the door in time. They then spend half a minute nominating the others to insert the key-arrow before they decide to do it together. Just in time, too.

The lovers are evenly split on both sides, I see.
“We did it!”
“Heck, yeah, my daughter-in-law is going to be that interesting Urara.”
Nina-sensei is overjoyed.
I’m ppretty sure this probably was drawn by the original manga-ka considering how the artstyle seems a little different and the girls are wearing different hair decs.
Kon has all these questions she wants to ask Chiya, but right now she’s too happy they passed.
Koume x Nono ship became strong before I noticed.
Nina-sensei is still amazingly happy, but Saku’s scent helps calm her down.
“We Rank 9 now.”


It seems like next week’s episode will be a lackluster conclusion if I were to judge based of what the preview showed us. Only having an episode to tie up things is always a little rough. But I still have my hopes up like naive fool.

2 thoughts on “Urara Meirochou Episode 11 Review – “Chiya and Kurou Sometimes Cry”

  1. Well your username is RemyFool so some naive hope is justified?Sorry…

    ‘Unfortunately for these shadowy hands, Chiya’s kink is bellies and not asphyxiation’

    Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind if it’s Kon and not random shadowy hands.

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