Gabriel DropOut Episode 11 Review – “Fun Forever Ever…”

Oh, they’re finally out of Heaven / Hell. Praise the Dark Lord.

(Spoilers in this review

Part 1: Satania decides to adopt the mutt that always eats her melonpan because she’s a softie and he was being sent to the pound. Her apartment, however, doesn’t accept pets. While she wanders around looking for a place to stay, Gabriel persuades the owner of Satania’s complex, which happens to be her boss at Cafe Angel, to allow pets.

More of Satania acting like a good girl despite her claims of the dog being her familiar. A rare instance of Gabriel being nice rears its head, however. She even referred to Satania as her friend while talking to her boss!

Satania lookin’ good in a trenchcoat.
So this is how she found out about how her boss owns Satania’s apartment complex, huh?
Chillin’ like a villain while her visitors sit in discomfort. As expected of Satania.

Part 2: Tapris visits the real world, hoping to spend time with Gabriel. She decides to learn how to use a computer so she can help Gabriel grind levels in her game, which will leave time for Gabriel to tidy up.

I guess Tapris brings a naivete regarding the real world that is unrivaled even when compared to the rest of the cast. That being said, Gabriel and Tapris share the same relationship with the other members for the most part (bickers with Satania and chummy with Raphiel). At least Tapris verbally acknowledges that Vigne is a kind girl whereas Gabriel seems to take it for granted more often than not. Still a pointless character, though.

Optimal mouse operational skills.

Part 3: The girls get together to have a takopa (a takoyaki party) in order to celebrate Tapris’ visit.

I was actually hoping Tapris and Vigne would get some alone time together considering how Tapris looks up to Vigne despite being wary of her status as a demon. I guess it is easier (and makes more sense) for there to be a group scene instead. Ahhhh, I remember when I had takoyaki with my ex. It was the last time I visited her, too.

Tapris getting ready to put some balls into her mouth.
Satania arriving late to the party.

There’s a short segment after the ED finishes. Turns out Gabriel’s onee-chan is visiting her tomorrow. Now will she be twisted like Raphiel and Gabriel? Guess we’ll find out next week. Geez, I can’t believe this show is getting two OVAs.



9 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 11 Review – “Fun Forever Ever…”

  1. Why on earth is this getting 2 OVAs??

    “She decides to learn how to use a computer so she can help Gabriel grind levels in her game”

    That’s true devotion right there.

    “Tapris getting ready to put some balls into her mouth”

    Isn’t it sacrilege to make a balls joke in a yuri(ish) anime? Leave that for those boys’ sports anime, Remy 😛


    1. I, too, am baffled.
      Did you know that MAL ranks Nyanko Days over the biking anime I’ve been reviewing, by the way? What a world.

      Gabriel doesn’t deserve her!

      It is sacrilege but I felt like the show deserved it! You have a point, too. c:

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Beats me!
          I guess you are right. The biker girls’ show obviously went above and beyond with this whole “learn about bikes with AOP” segment after the ED, but it still stands that they’re boring gals. It’s too bad.

          Liked by 1 person

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