Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel Episode 12 Review – “Change! The Three Sisters Have Disappeared”

Some shocking developments happen in this episode.

(Spoilers in this review

The episode opens with everyone stressing out with the possibility of the O’bli entering the real world. For now, however, that only happened in the mountain in the previous episode. This causes Tsubame to think of her memories showing her teammates wiped out and starts to reconsider its implications.

Mana is shown worried about how the Origami sisters seem to have disappeared for three days straight. Tanaka Sachiko / Odile overhears their conversation and thinks of her friend, Origami Hina. I still ship it.

“The Origami sisters have disappeared.”

Tsubame approaches Tierra-sensei and tries to explain her new suspicions of her memories. However, that shady teacher that’s definitely not Morgana starts a facecall with Tierra-sensei or something. Except she’s totally Morgana. This was almost comical how the two didn’t realize until she implicitly told them, except it was closer to sad. I’m not a fan of sloppy disguises.

Tsubame does so and she ends up having a one-on-one talk with Morgana. Meanwhile, Morgana ships the other three girls to the control room via Darkness Express or something.

Odile is shown stressing over how her father sent her a letter telling her to destroy Stella Prisms that defy reason and logic, but she now knows that Fifth Force uses it to save the world. As a result, she’s not sure what to do. She ends up showing up in the control room, however.

Definitely-not-Morgana talking to Tierra-sensei and Tsubame.
“Come alone and I’ll return these three. If you don’t, then they die.”
Tsubame does so but ends up in a strange dimension.
Odile shows up while denying her worry for the Origami sisters.
At least Morgana isn’t a liar.

Tsubame’s fears are true – her memories didn’t come from a parallel world – it came from the future. She was the last standing member of Fifth Force against Morgana and she somehow sent herself back into the past. Forcing this to happen caused her future self to disappear, which is why she had trouble remembering. Or so Morgana says. I don’t really think the anime is truly respecting how nuanced and complicated time-travel is, but sure.

Morgana also drops another bomb: she believes that Tsubame is actually Morgana. Wow, what a twist! Not like we’ve seen this before and we had any degree of foreshadowing that hinted at this!


Oh, seems like the only thing Tierra-sensei is good for exposition. She reveals that the girls who make up Fifth Force are the children of people who got affected by a meteroite’s crash landing (since it leaked some sorta Fifth element or something). The school was built on the site of the crash which is why the Stella Prisms at school work as they do.

The orphanage where Mana and the Origami sisters grew up in was designed to round up all the parentless children who had those Fifth element powers. Akara reveals she ran away with her sisters because she had overheard some people referring to them as experimental livestock. They also peeked into a room late at night and saw a bunch of surgicial equipment and assumed the worst. And then we get to see how they meet Morgana after running away…again. This was shown in a previous episode. This time there’s dialogue, sure, but I think this was also not needed.

Turns out Odile is the daughter of the man who discovered the Fifth element. As a result, she is the one with a strong power…? Tierra-sensei, your expalantions started getting a little sloppy here. At any rate, Odile realizes that her father meant to tell her to oppose the people who were planning on weaponizing the children. Seems like some people had that intention (such as the individual Akara overheard), but the children at the orphanage never experienced experimentation. Odile’s dad did end up disappearing, though.

Now that all of this exposition that’s coming in last-minute finished, Odile is asked by everyone to track Morgana. She replies she can’t do that willy-nilly without being in the same dimension – but then she starts using her nose and comes across…a painting? And this has the same sort of scent as Morgana? Sure.

Tierra-sensei as a scientist. Maybe she was more useful when she had her hair down.
The source of Morgana’s perfume: reveleaed.
Morgana is trying to recreate what happened in the future.
The poor muggle girl couldn’t believe her eyes and just drops her bag.
Oh, boy, here comes the O’bli!

2 thoughts on “Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel Episode 12 Review – “Change! The Three Sisters Have Disappeared”

  1. “Oh, seems like the only thing Tierra-sensei is good for exposition.”

    And the occasional bounce or jiggle…

    And really, that’s about the lamest explanation for how the girls got their superpowers that I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve been reading comics since the 70’s – so I’ve seen ’em all.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m in total agreement here. She just wasn’t useful as a character except when it came to exposition or fanservice. A woman her age wearing school swimsuits…

      I can’t disagree here, either. Your exposure to many kinds of super power explanations definitely makes your statement seem credible. Pretty impressive of SGSl to claim such a prestigious honor.

      Thanks for dropping and sharing your thoughts!

      Liked by 1 person

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