Urara Meirochou Episode 12 Review – “Baths and Celebrations Sometimes Have Smiles!”

And so this show about belly flashing and Uraras also comes to a close.

(Spoilers in this review

The girls have fun in a onsen bath in order to celebrate becoming rank 9 Uraras. Nina-sensei and Saku become drunk, so Chiya, Kon, Koume, and Nono decide to entertain the “adults.”

However, the four realize that their belongings are missing after they come out of the baths. Working together and using their brains, they are able to find their stuff inside of a chest behind a waterfall. It turns out that Nina-sensei (with the help of Saku) ook their stuff there since she heard that it casts a protective charm on objects. She then reveals that the four girls will be going to the ninth district and that this was her last farewell gift and that she hopes their belongings can look over them in her stead. The girls are thankful towards Nina-sensei yet excited for what awaits them from now on.

The episode ends with the girls having a final group chat where Chiya talks about how she learned a little bit about her mother, how she still doesn’t know where her mother is, and how she can’t summon Kurou anymore (which probably could allow her to easily find her mom). Kon reminds Chiya that she said it best herself (in an earlier episode): it’s better not to know some things since it makes it more exciting. Chiya excitedly runs off towards the ninth district in the middle of the night with the other three in hot pursuit. The end.

I’m still not sure why Chiya hasn’t told Saku or the others about what she learned about her mother. I mean, now she knows her mother’s name and everything. Maybe Saku has heard of her.

tl;dr – this episode has a lot of fanservice in the first half and closes in an open-ended sort of way. I’m kind of bummed we spent 12 episodes to see them advance a single rank, but that’s how it is sometimes, I guess. Series review coming out soon.

Saku’s minions drooling over her thighs.
Koume deciding that everyone should switch uniforms.
Kon is reduced to tears wearing Chiya’s outfit.
I think Koume looks better with her hair down.
The combination of Chiya’s flower motif and Nono’s flower motif is pretty, but this just doesn’t suit Chiya.
Nono looking really good dressed as Koume!
Koume is pouty that Nono looks more like a witch than her. Blonde hair helps.
The others catch on to Koume acting cute. Can Koume use Nono as a replacement for the witch she met as a kid? Will the fanfiction and doujinshi do this for me?
Nina-sensei dressing up as Saku before asking her for a favor.
Kon’s mom telling Kon to keep trying until she catches up to her. What a mother!
The adults drinking alochol to clense their hearts.
Saku finally admitting that Nina’s childish behavior is cute. Booze lets everything out.
“Everything gone, fam.” Seems like Kon turns red after a good soak.
“We found it, though!”
“Goodbye, my beloved students.”
The four having another group chat.
Kon cheering Chiya up with her prophecy as a future rank 1 Urara!


2 thoughts on “Urara Meirochou Episode 12 Review – “Baths and Celebrations Sometimes Have Smiles!”

  1. So…many…sparkles
    My eyes, Remy, my eyyyyyes

    If this were a popular shonen manga, there’d be 50+ episodes of the girls fighting their way to the top with the power of friendship and convenient boosts. But alas this is cute slice of life instead so we get this. At least there’s the shipping.

    Liked by 1 person

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