Gabriel DropOut Episode 12 Review – “Gabriel DropOut”

We meet Gabriel’s older sister in this episode. Too bad the series ends this week.

(Spoilers in this review

Gabriel attempts to pretend that she’s a goody two-shoes in front of her older sister, Zelel. Unfortunately for Gabriel, Zelel already knew of her decadent lifestyle and forcibly takes her up to Heaven to discipline our faillen angel main character. I knew this time would come, folks.

Welcome home, Master!
Operation “Little Sister Moe Moe” is successful?!
The jig is up!
Zelel already knew, though.

After one week, Gabriel returns a changed girl. Despite seemingly turning over a new leaf, Satania, Vigne, and Raphiel wants to see her become a slob once again.

In other words, this is another example of characters wanting an individual to return to their ways even though they’re acting nicer than before. A common enough development, if I do say so myself.

She’s a changed girl!
We want our jerk back!

However, it was all a ruse. Gabriel was merely pretending to be a good girl. She puts up a barrier and reveals the truth, confident that she can fool her older sister if she could fool Vigne, Raphiel, and Satania. Too bad Zelel can see all and Gabriel’s flimsy barrier stood no chance. Her cover is blown once again!

Gabriel ends up using the friendship card in order to stay on Earth, but Zelel insists that she’ll stay with her in order to teach her to live a proper life. It looks bleak for our main character, but it turns out that she’s deathly afraid of dogs. As a result, Satania’s familiar scares Zelel off and Gabriel retains her freedom.

“Gotta lay low ’til she gets off my back, y’know?”
I can’t bare to part with my friends!
“She’s buying this sham story?!”
“Get this doggy away!”
…yo, maybe Zelel has a point here…

The series ends with a callback to the first episode. Gabriel is late for the class because she decided to stay up playing video games again. However, she’ll be missing final exams should she play hooky today and she’ll be forced to repeat a year. As a result, Gabriel gets dressed and tries to teleport to the school so she’ll make it in time. Unfortunately for Gab, she sends her skirt to her desk this time. Welp.

The end.

Wow, she’ll mess up her eyesight playing in the dark like this.
“This time, I’ll succeed…!”
Yeah, that didn’t happen.
Clearly th only choice left.

Phew, it’s finished. I’m not sure if I’ll watch the OVAs, to be honest. One OVA was already released, by the way. Ahhh, expect a series review later this week!

2 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 12 Review – “Gabriel DropOut”

  1. Zelel is cute. I like her design more than Gabriel’s.

    > this is another example of characters wanting an individual to return to their ways even though they’re acting nicer than before

    I can understand that. A person acting nicer doesn’t necessarily mean you like them more for it. Sometimes, it’s good to have an ass of a friend.

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