BanG Dream! Episode 10 Review – “I Was Surprised!”

Kasumi is surprised and realizes something that leaves her feeling distraught.

(Spoilers in this review

Most of PoPiPa are at a bit of a loss after hearig that Space is shutting down. O-Tae in particular is emotionally devastated. However, Kasumi pulls the group together with her cheerfulness and decides to approach Owner for another audition. Since this is just a day after they failed their first audition, Owner shoots PoPiPa down.

O-Tae talking about building Hanazono Land.
Kasumi brings up the possibility of them wearing cute uniforms for a live performance.

While they muse over what they lack, PoPiPa runs into CHiSPA (aka Saaya’s old crew). They’re about to audition and the girls wish them luck.

It turns out that their bassist plays too fast and the drummer is overwhelmed. Furthermore, the keyboardist and the guitarist plays more loudly in order to cover up their mistakes. However, the girls admit that this is the best they can do right now. I guess this satisfies Owner since she passes them.

It’s CHiSPA!
The real OTP?

Saaya and Tae wonder what’s the difference between them and CHiSPA. Hanako, aka the best girl in the series, shows up and starts flirting with them all before telling them all to step back and think about it. Apparently the rest of Glitter*Green considers that to be good advice?

Hanako blowing into Saaya’s ear.
Rii-chan getting jelly over Hanako’s flirting?
“Yo, we saw you fail the audition. Here’s some advice.”

Still unsure of what they lack, Kasumi and the others continue thinking of what’s wrong well into the night. Kasumi then heads over to Space and confronts Owner.

Turns out Aa-chan = Asuka. Also Kasuimi’s mom ain’t hard on the eyes.
Kasumi comes to the conclusion that trying their best will solve everything.
Rimi-rin just watches Glitter*Green perform over and over.
O-Tae talks to her rabbit.
Saaya practices drumming on a book.
Arisa looks up how to invite girls over to a sleepover. Just kidding. She’s rather disinterested compared to everyone else, however.

It turns out that Kasumi just wanted to tell Owner that they’ll keep trying. That just had to happen in the middle of the night, huh? Owner replies that she hadn’t changed since they failed the audition and that her attittude is the only thing she’ll acknowledge. She then informs Kasumi, who believes she played well during the audition, that she had the weakest performance.

This isn’t surprising by a long shot since she’s the most inexperienced. The other band members have been playing their instruments for a much longer time. However, Kasumi becomes shook.

“I need some painkillers.”
“Ta-da, I have arrived to bother you late at night!”

As a result, Kasumi starts praciting a lot more. Morning practice and lunch practice! Arisa is shown getting grumpy once again, however.

They’re a nice match.

Turns out Arisa isn’t really having fun being a tryhard for this audition. However, she is convinced to work harder which causes Kasumi to glomp her. However, Kasumi is still shook since we see her shake like a tree as she places her hands on her knees. She even hugs her imouto at home.

Spreading some love!
“No one appreciates my hugs, Aa-chan.”

The following day shows the girls confessing that they all had the wrong attitude before the audition, but now they’re going to work hard for this next audition. Kasumi is still depressed and works on practicing late into the night.

No one complains about the noise?
Lately I’ve been seeing sad girls as looking beautiful. This is no exception.
Her picks are starting to beak down from her practice.

When they apply for another audition, Owner sees that they all look confident. Except for Kasumi, who looks like she’s scared. However, Owner decides to let them try.

Our second attempt!


During the actual audition, however, Kasumi…chokes. She can’t properly sing or play her guitar. Her words fail to come out and she’s left realizing she’s inadequate. She’s a failure.

Glitter*Green watches with anticipation.
Here we go!
The look in her eyes is saying, “Out you go,” oh no.
“I wasn’t good enough…”

Choking is a real hazard that is not strictly limited to just food.

Seeing the carefree girl break down like this is always an interesting sight. Am I messed up for thinking this is better for the story? Probably. Let’s hope Kasumi can bounce back soon.


2 thoughts on “BanG Dream! Episode 10 Review – “I Was Surprised!”

  1. You’re probably right about it being better for the story so long as they don’t solve everything with some shallow quick-fix like…power of friendship.

    (And ok, that sad girl does look pretty)

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