Monthly Update #6 | April 2017 – Spring 2017 Episode Reviews, Poll, ETC

Well, March is now over and done with, folks. Where were you when you realized that a quarter of the year 2017 CE has passed you by? 

So before I talk about what’s coming up this month, I wanted to touch base upon what I had mentioned about the Winter 2017 anime series reviews in the previous Monthly Update.

Winter 2017 Anime Shows and Series Reviews

Winter 2017 has basically wrapped up by now. Sure, I have a few series reviews left to do this weekend and next week and BanG Dream! continues, but it’s essentially over with. I’m glad I delivered most of the series reviews in a timely manner.

Spring 2017 Anime Shows and Episode Reviews

A new season of anime is now upon us! I’ll be reviewing Frame Arms GirlFukumenkei NoiseHinako NoteID-0Sakura Quest, and Twin Angel Break on a weekly basis. At least, that’s how I currently see it. There may be a few other shows that slip by and end up being reviewed as a series like with Kemono Friends.

However, I think I need some input here, which leaves me to my next subsection…

Poll: What Should The Lily Garden Focus on for Spring 2017?

Help me, [insert reader’s name], you’re my only hope. Also brace yourself for walls of text.

In short, I would like for you to help me decide what I should be spending most of my time on. You can vote for two options. If I focus primarily on “simulcast anime shows,” then I’ll keep with the exhaustive play-by-play style I’ve been using. My format for episode reviews was kind of all over the place last season, sorry…

If the “simulcast episode reviews” option isn’t first, then I’d like to try my hand at a more brief style that’s more analytical, less recap. Like, a 200 word limit cap per post? It would probably mean less pictures, too. That way I can focus on other content without feeling like I’m competing against an episode summary on a wiki page…

If the “older anime series” option is first, then I’ll be binge watching said shows so I can do series reviews. The episode review posts for simulcast shows will remain short.

If the “visual novel reviews” option comes in first place, then that’s what I’ll be spending most of my time on. I will also just put almost everything on hold so I can finish my Pygmalion playthrough series and finally move onto other games, haha…The episode review posts for simulcast shows will remain short.

If the “manga” option comes in first, then I’ll try my best to post more about manga. This will be difficult, to be honest, but the manga review menu in The Lily Garden is very lacking. The episode review posts for simulcast shows will (guess what?) remain short.

If the “fanfiction” option comes in first, then I’ll write smut. Well, actually, I’ll probably never really write smut. I’m more interested in emotional and dramatic angst stories. You know the deal about the simulcast episode reviews. Click here to see what I’ve written before!

Finally, if the “analytical posts” option is the popular choice, then I’ll post about…stuff, I guess? I liked doing the Wednesday What About posts, but they were inherently restrictive and not that popular (also sorry that I stopped doing them but the negatives started to outweigh the positives). Click on this link to see what kind of content I’m talking about!

That’s about it, folks, aside from the fact that I’ll be particpating in this month’s OWL Blog Tour. Hopefully I don’t disappoint. Toodles, doodles?

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