Frame Arms Girl Episode 1 Review – “Gourai / Stylet and Baselard”

An anime about model kit girls!

(Spoilers in this review)

Each episode is split into two seperate scenarios, which explains the episode title.

This was standard fare for a first episode. The main character, Ao, has no clue what’s going on but gets roped into letting her Frame Arms Girl, Gourai, fight other Frame Arms Girls so Frame Advance, the company responsible for Frame Arms Girls, can collect data and develop a more advanced AS (which stands for Artificial Self; these Frame Arms Girls come equiped with intelligence on par with a 10 year-old, but they can learn).

I’m a bit bothered by how lazy and sloppy Ao is since that ends up hindering Gourai during the episode, but that’s how a lot of people are at Ao’s age, right? I didn’t even fold my clothes when I was in high school. What a waste of time, I thought, hahaha…

There’s a lot of CGI involved for the AS-equipped robots, but the facial expressions (the usual weakpoint of this animation style) were decent and the battle scene in the second half was relatively smooth. Ao’s face, which was not animated via CGI, was already a little off-model in several instances which isn’t a good sign for a first episode.

I think this show might appeal to mecha musume fans (which literally means “mecha girls). Since I spent several years of my life playing a game that was notorious for unbalanced mecha musume, I’m probably within the targeted audience. I’m just worried that this show will get boring quick with excessive battling, but it might be nice to see Gourai slowly developing knowledge of the world and of her own emotions.

FAG ep1p3
Ao couldn’t resist poking Gourai’s cheeks and I can’t blame her.
FAG ep1p7
Gourai poring over Ao’s picture album.
FAG ep1p9
It’s your birthday, Gourai! That cup’s design features some creatures that were seen in the OP.
FAG ep1p11
Cunning sleepyheads like Baselet are always quick to win me over.
FAG ep1p15
The battle takes place in here, the Session Base!
FAG ep1p16
Frame Advance’s  e-mail, which explains the situation to Ao, included an app for her to download.
FAG ep1p18
So it looks like Gourai is a tanky character who focuses on defense and attack but has low mobility.
FAG ep1p19
Stylet, ready! She’s rather feisty and arrogant, but she’s not a bad individual. I think.
FAG ep1p20
Gourai, ready! She seems to have a cannon called a smoothbore.
FAG ep1p22
High technology!
FAG ep1p21

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