Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 13 Review – “Emperor of Demise! (It Was the Final Episode Before We Knew It)”

A family dispute occurs in this final episode.

(Spoilers in this review

As Tohru struggles to accept that she’ll easily outlive Kobayashi (along with other doubts), Tohru’s pops shows up. He is against Tohru staying in this world and drags her back to their original world. Kobayashi realizes that she really misses Tohru (and that she’s not too good at taking care of herself without her maid around).

After a few days (maybe a week) has passed, Tohru returns to Kobayashi – but it turns out that she didn’t get permission from the Emperor of Demise (Tohru’s dad). Kobayashi stands up against Tohru’s dad despite his display of aggression and threats, which prompts Tohru to firmly state her own desire to stay with Kobayashi. The two square off in a different part of the world before Kobayashi flies in while riding Kanna.

In an attempt to get father and daughter to stop fighting, Kobayashi explains to Tohru’s dad how she feels about understanding others. After she implores him to trust in his daughter, the Emperor of Demise is a bit shook, declares he won’t approve of his foolish daughter’s actions, and hightails it out of there. I guess for now Tohru can stay!

“Knowing you’re different is only the start.

You grow closer or more distant, again and again, while realizing those differences.

And then you start finding the aspects you like. You can even build respect.Then you can forge both trust and bonds.”


The series ends with the dragons interacting with their favorite humans (Elma is persuaded into buying some waffles). Kobayashi invites Tohru (and Kanna) to come along with her as she visits her family home. How the two of them have progressed!

At any rate, watching this was fun. Expect a series review either before Sunday or next week.

Natto is not unstretchy.
She looks so cheerful!
Tohru’s inner doubts talkin’ some crap.
What a stern lookin’ dad.
Kanna breaking the news to Kobayashi.
I threw in a lot of pictures of Kanna in this episode review.
Because I felt down while watching this episode.
And I think it help– holy moly that’s a lot of rice.
“Good night, sweet prince.”
Ehehe Kobayashi’s pajamas are nice.
Everything’s gotten messy. Now Kobayashi sits at the kotatsu, the Japanese symbol of togetherness and warmth, all alone.
“Knock, knock.”
“Ahahah it’s been a while.”
“Come back home because only my opinion matters.”
Kobayashi was really cool here.
Damn, I was so happy here.
That feeling when your crush and your father both agree you’re a good girl.
That feeling when a human beats you in logic.
“I gotta go make him understand. Be right back.”
The whiskers reminds me of Chinese dragons?
Ahhh I don’t mind this at all.
Is Kobayashi going to forever be a cold fish?
More Kanna, less problems. I will miss this adorable dragon.
On the way to Kobayashi’s family home.


4 thoughts on “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 13 Review – “Emperor of Demise! (It Was the Final Episode Before We Knew It)”

  1. But Remy, Kobayashi looks so good as a cold fish!!

    This sounds like a cool finale to a cool series. It’s nice to know that Kobayashi (btw, is that her first name or family name?) is willing to get that invested in Tohru. Tis cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is true.

      I thought it was nice but I know some people detested the series. Will have to balance both sides in the series review.

      I like how she finally did, too. Always a big deal to bringing someone to meet their parents. Still, the series also ended in a bittersweet manner since Tohru acknowledges that she will never be able to grow old with Kobayashi.

      Pretty sure it’s her last name. Everyone calls her Kobayashi, including co-workers, and we never got another name for dead eyes the female lead.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Especially if the parents are likely to eat you.

        Ah, that sounds like the kind of mildly tragic undertone I’d adore the hell out of. Count me in.

        Liked by 1 person

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