BanG Dream Episode 11 Review – “I Couldn’t Sing Anymore”

Kasumi remains in her slump!

(Spoilers in this review

It seems like the ball of cheer and sunshine that is our main character had lost her voice. So she wasn’t really choking and becoming nervous during the second audition, right?

Actually, she did feel scared and anxious about the audition. The prospect of failing the audition frightened Kasumi to the point that she couldn’t properly sing. I’m not quite sure why the story throws in the fact that she somehow lost her voice by pushing herself too hard when it doesn’t really do much besides making her feel listless and unable to practice, but sure.

After she gets better, Kasumi tries to join practice with the others – and finds that she still can’t sing. She ends up running away from Arisa’s basement, but the others follow after her. After Kasumi admits that she was too stressed over the audition to sing, the others basically praise her and her nature as being the reason why they joined PoPiPa. Then they all decide to split up one part of the song so that all five girls have a part. They then proceed to nail said part as acapella.

The episode ends with Kasumi being happy that she could actually sing. I guess next episode will be about their last chance at the last audition for Space.

Weepy Kasumi is beautiful but not right.
“Go rest up first, scrub.”
Kasumi expanding her harem. Nothing new here.
“You gotta overcome that obstacle by yourself somehow.” Thanks, Rimi-rin’s onee-chan.
How come Aa-chan has more mature pajamas?
This star fanatic’s bedroom is something else.
“I can’t sing.”
“A little run will do me some good.”
Arisa trailed far behind the others, by the way. She’s unathletic and I love it.
“You made me want to try hard at something again!”
“You’re so bold and unafraid of everything!”
“You really sparkled when you walked onto stage with nothing in your hands.”
“You helped me not be an angsty girl!”
I may or may not have flanderized what the girls said to Kasumi.
Happy Kasumi is beautiful, too.

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