Quick Update!

Shamelessly stealing the title of this post from Alane. 

Long story short, various things have happened this week that have led me to fall behind on covering Spring 2017 / checking other bloggers’ posts / responding to comments. These events have left me tired out and unable to properly blog.

Sunday: I was attacked by a vampire (not really but my neck has many interesting marks).
Monday: I watched Your Name after work.
Tuesday: Vampire wanted an encore in my car after work.
Wednesday: I needed to take care of a dependent family member after work.
Today: I lost a battle against obscenely large fries after work.

I will try to catch up when I wake up tomorrow (Friday) because right now I am in great discomfort and in a food coma of sorts. Catch y’all later.

28 thoughts on “Quick Update!

    1. Yeah she tried telling her friends she was going to Target lol. I don’t think they believed her since she was “gone” for over an hour lol.

      Mmm thanks! Thankfully I have tomorrow off!

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