Hinako Note Episode 2 Review – “It Begins Here”

It’s finally decided! Hinako’s gonna start up a theatre trope!

(Spoilers in this review)

The first half of the episode primarily focuses on Hinako’s years as a scarecrow for some old folk. So are we going to touch upon Hinako’s history as a wallflower every episode? Because I’m pretty sure this episode, combined with the previous episode, has told us everything there is to know about those years of her life.

I didn’t really appreciate how the old man and the old lady seemed to have forced the role onto Hinako. They could have been more patient with her and let her try to actually voice her opinion? Well, I guess giving her free vegetables as hush money was good enough so all’s well that ends okay.

Hinako’s mom is a babe!
They did bundle her up while she was sleeping so that was nice?
Hina Mama never did learn how Hinako was getting those free vegetables.
Wild raccoon demanding hug from Hinako. I thought it was cute.
Hinako attempting to communicate.
The title card.

The rest of the first half of the episode has Hinako interacting with the others during breakfast and learning about the theatre club’s flighty director.

I found it weird that she calls Chiaki “Landlady” but sure. She’s only a year older than you, Hinako!
They get tako weiners for breakfast??? Mayuk is too good to them.
The theatre club’s director apparently left for a trip because she felt her skills had hit a wall.
This episode’s eyecatch. A reference to The Wizard of OZ! I’m pretty sure The Tin Man is the hardest role in the play so it makes sense that Chiaki plays TTM. She is also tall, too, though.
Chiaki talking about her becoming a stand-in was the start of her career in theatre.
Whoa, cute drawings to accompany the notebook notes.

Later on, Chiaki tries to talk Hinako into forming a theatre trope again. I’m not sure why or how she transitioned to telling Hinako to go for it seeing as they were doing laundry and Hinako had basically revealed that she can kind of talk to animals, but sure.

Mmmm that delicious age difference and height difference and… style difference.
Kuu and Mayuki talk about Little Red Riding Hood.
Chiaki talking about the roles regarding theatre that aren’t limited to acting.
I still don’t know who writes in these notebooks but it’s nice to see.

Hinako finally decides that she’ll be forming a theatre trope because she can’t handle working at the coffee shop or the book store. It’ll be situated inside the coffee shop and will be their attempt to bring in more customers! Furthermore, she’s going to be the leader (principal) of the trope! The others will help out, of course (Kuu wants to be of assistance to Hinako and Chiaki loves acting. Mayuki, however, is adamant she can’t be an actress. She’ll surely come around. Or else Kuu and the viewers would never get to see Mayuki dressed up as a princess and that would be a tragedy).

The girls are shown eating spaghetti neapolitan, the one dish I’m confident in.
The girls showing Hinako the ropes regarding SNS.
Kuu is really, really attached to Hinako!

The end of the episode has the girls declaring their intents to perform on some prestigious stage one day. Um, sure. I doubt that will happen within this cour unless there’s some major time skips involved. At best they’ll visit the place and become dismotivated / motivated.

Hinako’s attempt to answer a text message…
Mayuki does dress like a princess when she goes to bed!
I’m not sure why this was the last iimage for this week’s episode.

It’s actually moving at a decent pace compared to some of the recent slice-of-life shows I’ve been watching. Wow, it only took two episodes before Hinako decided to try to form a club/trope/circle!!!

2 thoughts on “Hinako Note Episode 2 Review – “It Begins Here”

  1. Mmm interesting summary Remy. Your accompanying picture captions are hilarious and my favorite observation is the hush money vegetables.

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