Sakura Quest Episode 2 Review – “The Gathering of the Five Champions”

Two more girls join the fray! Meanwhile, Yoshino tries to weasel her way out of her year-long contract!

(Spoilers in this review

The old man is willing to let Yoshino out of her contract should she manage to sell 1,000 Chupakabura manju within a week. The outcome should be obvious (I mean, the series had just started and there’s no way people would buy that many maju within a single week), but Yoshino tries her best. “The next year of my life is at stake here!”

“Wait, we ordered 1,000 boxes instead of 100?”
Shiori wants to help Yoshino but also doesn’t want Yoshino to leave.
Turns out Maki is not the manager of this building. She’s actually a former actress.
Those are some ugly manju.

Yoshino heads into a pub to see if she can get locals to buy the manju. She also gets some advice from a fortune teller – it seems like she really buys into the whole fortune telling thing since she did the same thing back in episode 1 when she really couldn’t afford to.

Everything about Erika screams “CAT” to me.
“Northwest by North.” Very helpful, lady.

Yoshino and Shiori decide to listen to the fortune teller and ends up at a Japanese Sweets store. Unfortunately the place is run by a old lady who doesn’t get along with the old man, so it seems unlikely that they can get the sweets shop to sell the manju. However, Ririko, Shiori’s shy childhood friend, is willing to tell them all about the Chupakabura. One would think Shiori would already know what those are considering that she lives here, but I guess the narrative needed a way to introduce Ririko.

Armed with the knowledge of the Chupakabura’s origins, Yoshino decides that they should create a website with an emphasis on occult. It just so happens that Sanae, a web entrepreneur, recently moved into town. Time to ask her for help!

Ririko is also a bit of a otaku if her room is any indication. She really likes the occult!
This is actually me.
Looking pretty good!
Ah… life in the country has been rough on Sanae. She’s even making up lies on her blog…
Sanae cleans up nicely! And she’s willing to help!

In this episode, we learn that both Sanae and Maki do not hold Tokyo as high regard as Yoshino does. Yoshino continously claims that Tokyo has everything and anything as Japan’s economic center, but she did not actually manage to find a job. Even though Sanae admits (later on) that she was thinking of moving back to Tokyo, she also states that she had gotten tired of city life and that people need to spread their wings and not fixate on city life. “With the right mindset, you can find a place for yourself anywhere.”

Maki similarly admits that she has done many things as an actor (it’s tough work that receives little pay) yet she resides in the country side. Does one really need to go to city to live a fulfilled life?

“Or something like that!”
The stall has been set up – and Shiori’s family buys 3 boxes out of pity.
Did Sanae also set up social media accounts for this website? Amazing…
There was a bit of a comedic scene where the girls discuss the accuracy of the adjective, “beautiful,” in regards to Yoshino.
In the end, they tried a different approach. It was not successful.

Maki and Sanae end up getting to a bit of an argument (since Maki implies that Sanae is only helping them because she wants to feel useful or something). After apologizing for saying too much, Maki suggests that the girls make a promotional video of sorts.

Ririko comes to help out (by sneaking out) and is asked by Sanae about who she is. Unlike Yoshino, Ririko is comfortable enough to say that she’s a normal person. Maybe there’s something to be said about that, but I can’t think of anything.

The tacky costume reappears.
It’s Ririko!
Sanae – part-time blogger, part-time model.
Shiori – getting ready to assume the important position, Villager A.
The camera lady, Ririko.
Yoshino is about to slay some Chupakabura.
Maki talking about her experiences.
The useless staff talk about how Yoshino pulled out the Sacred Sword. She didn’t do so in episode 1. Will this be important later down the line?
I have to say, these girls sure wear cute clothes day after day after day.
It’s this guy again…
He ends up buying one box.
The girls come to terms that they failed but had fun. Yoshino seems to accept the fact that she’ll be stuck in the countryside for a little while longer.

So it seems like we’ve been introduced to Yoshino’s future team / co-workers. They seem to work pretty well together and are entertaining. This bodes well for Sakura Quest, in my opinion!

4 thoughts on “Sakura Quest Episode 2 Review – “The Gathering of the Five Champions”

  1. What’s wrong with helping someone to feel useful? Sounds legit to me, Maki.

    I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of show but it looks like Sakura Quest did a good job of organically introducing each girl in its main cast? I think?

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