Twin Angel Break Episode 2 Review – “Fragments of Friendship”

Guess who befriends Sumire / TSUNmire?

(Spoilers in this review

The opening bit reveals that Sumire really loves animals, that she finds dealing with people to be troublesome, and that she’s a bit of a brocon (since she gets very happy at the prospect of having a very long talk with him). I guess he is an exception to her annoyance with people. I wonder if he’ll pop up later in the show.

No, she is not looking at porn.

The next day has Meguru attempting to befriend Sumire. She even goes to Sumire’s house and calls out to the blue-haired ice queen. Sumire repeats that she has no interest in her and walks away.

And then the two clowns notice that there’s an abandoned puppy inside a box. Just the thing to worm their way into Sumire’s heart!

The villain who appeared during the last bit of the previous episode transfers into the school as the new school nurse. She’s basically fanservice incarnate judging by the sounds that play as they zoom in on her…assets. She also has the gym teacher eating out of her hand.


The next few minutes shows Sumire basically acting very cold towards Meguru. Meguru doesn’t give up hope, though!

Meguru cheers for Sumire after she solves…algebra?
Meguru fixes the machine for Sumire. No words of gratitude.
Sumire walking away from Meguru in order to sketch a bust instead of a person.
Sumire reacting to Meguru’s declaration that talking during lunch could be nice. This could become a meme face.
Apparently Sumire stated avoiding people because they didn’t appreciate that she had a large appetite. Moronic elementary schoolers don’t appreciate the allure of a woman who can really eat!
Sumire sitting out of gym class to think dark thoughts.

Meguru sends the volleyball flying into the storage room where we see the hedgehog mascot getting harrassed by the dog Meuguru found earlier today. It seems like they were trying to hide the dog here, but this seems like a really bad hiding place…?

What a defenseless hedgehog!
Again, she is not looking up porn.
Eyecatch #1
Eyecatch #2

The gym teacher stumbles upon them and starts lecturing them for bringing animals to school because he has no chill. However, the new school nurse swoops in and basically changes his mind by saying she loves animals. He’s such a cherry boy!

He’s basically puddy in her hands.

The girls then head over to Sumire’s house since Sumire announces she’s taking the doggy in (because the dorms where Meguru is staying in doesn’t allow for pets). More flustered Sumire for all!

Turns out there’s some sort of animal fair / race going on and the girls show up for that.

The doggy prefers the nice girl over you, Sumire.
THE WEIRDEST LION I HAVE EVER SEEN. Also the school nurse is with the cherry boy.
The reward for winning the pet race is a year’s supply of pet food. Sumire promises to be a Twin Angel if the hedgehog mascot participates. Since Run-Run (the name Sumire chose for the doggy) isn’t ready, it’s time for the hedgehog to bite the bullet.
The villain shows her true colors as the pet owners squabble over the race.
Sumire stays true to her word and becomes a Twin Angel.
Whoa whoa whoa aren’t you two rushing things a bit?
Lovely Rose and Lovely Sapphire practicing their stretches.

It turns out that the hedgehog and the “school nurse” know each other. Why couldn’t you see through her disguise in the teacher’s room, then, Mekuru? You’re such a terrible mascot. I will insult every magical girl show’s mascot without fail, sorry.

Sumire was doing well until the seductress pull out bunshin no jutsu.
Then Meguru beats her with BDSM. Unfortunately the seductess has enough common sense to run away.
Mekuru collecting…something.
A bath scene in every episode… Ugh…
That smile might have made Sumire wet. Because they’re both taking a bath.
Sketchy hedgehog mascot who is up to no good!

So far, the series fails to distinguish itself from any other typical magical series. Maybe things will change once TSUNmire warms up to Meguru. Or once it’s revealed what Mekuru is doing behind the girls’ backs.

2 thoughts on “Twin Angel Break Episode 2 Review – “Fragments of Friendship”

  1. At a guess, I think that the Tuxedo Mask looking guy in the OP may be Sumire’s older brother. He also has dark hair and that’s kind of a logical thing for this type of series. Of course I could be totally wrong, there’s no actual evidence to suggest this.

    It feels like a race where a mouse is able to enter with a horse is kind of unfair. I don’t understand why they didn’t give the pets a handicap (especially as feeding a horse for a year is way more expensive than a smaller pet, so it would be in the organiser’s favour to do this).

    The series has been cute and magical so far. I’m not expecting anything really out of the box, but I’ve been enjoying myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That crossed my mind, too, to be honest. That would imply that he was involved with the predecessors which would be amusing. I guess we will have to see!

      Right? It was impressive that Mekuru was keeping up as a little hedgehog *insert joke about Sonic*
      The race just didn’t seem to be well-thought-out as a whole!

      It’s certainly enjoyable! I eagerly await for Sumire to get mushy over Meguru!

      Liked by 1 person

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