BanG Dream! Episode 13 Review – “We Sang!”

And here we come to the end of another series.

(Spoilers in this review

Too bad there’s not much to say about this episode. Kasumi and O-Tae act flirty towards their bandmates as usual; PoPiPa manages to perform live at Space; and the relatives of the PoPiPa members attend the live show to see them perform.

Notable instances within the episode include the return of fan favorite Hina-chan, who calls Poppin’ Party the cutie party and proceeds to play with O-Tae’s hair as well asYuri (Rimi-rin’s onee-chan, feeling depressed about Space having its last live show).

There are so many things that were not really given closure. Did Aa-chan (aka Asuka aka Kasumi’s little sister) decide to continue swimming / attend Kasumi’s high school next year? What was the purpose of mentioning that Kasumi heard a “starbeat” if it doesn’t really come up outside of her wanting to shine (and her own star obsession)?

Why did Owner decide to close Space in the first place? I guess PoPiPa and the other bands will roam the land looking for a new place to belong according to what Owner says to Saaya’s mom, but we just don’t know if that will happen since the last scene in this anime series just shows the Poppin’ Party members grinnin’ like Jack-o-Lanterns.

Overall, I thought this series was half-baked. The best part of BanG Dream! was the shiptease and subtext. But a story can’t survive off that alone (in my opinion). I’ll go into more (explicit) detail regarding my feelings for this show in my series review. I’ll try to have it out by the end of this weekend!

Kasumi showing some affection to her lovers friends.
O-Tae does the same for Saaya. I want to smell Saaya, too!
Haha. Kasumi asks if Saaya has bread from her family bakery. Bread is “pan.” Pan is short for pantsu / panties. Hence the angle of this shot. Haha. So clever. Haha. No pan for you.
Yuri freaking out over how Space will disappear after this live show. Her bandmates calm her down.
Arisa showing real initiative.
That’s a foursome if I’ve ever seen one.
The way they have customized matching uniforms is so cuteeeee.
Yuri has recovered, Hina-chan looks dignified for once, and the student council president looks like a bombshell!
Aa-chan and their hot mom have appeared to show support for Kasumi!
CHiSPA lookin’ anxious before their turn.
Arisa and the four smile fiends.
O-Tae comes up with a cute yet silly team chant.
Aa-chan cringing from hearing said chant. Guess PoPiPa don’t halfass their chants!
As the girls played, there were a few montages showing scenes both new and old.
I guess the new shots were supposed to fill in the blanks and flesh out the story?
I always do like it when musicians switch instruments.
Sleepin’ beauties.
Rimi-Rin means serious business! She’s not joking around if she’s makin’ that kind of face!
Probably one of the best images – wait, which girl left her bag in the classroom?
Where did O-Tae get maracas??
Guess they learned how to sew back at school, huh?
I haven’t given the background scenery for BanG Dream! enough praise, to be honest.
The two guitarists!
The two members who can’t actually move too much during a performance!
They look so happy!
As mean as I will probably be in the series review, this is just a beautiful image to end a show on.

4 thoughts on “BanG Dream! Episode 13 Review – “We Sang!”

    1. I’m well aware. There’s a mobile game and a manga and all that good stuff. But these episode reviews, as well as the anime series review that is coming out later, is only covering the anime series.


  1. So lackluster on the whole- despite all the sparkles I mean? I feel like I might catch something from all the smiles in those screenshots.

    So. Much. Smiling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As a whole, yeah. I was about to describe the show as an example of a mediocre session of onanism – lots of build up for little payout.

      Smiling girls are a staple within such a genre. At least I got some scenes of despairing girls along the way.

      Liked by 1 person

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