Twin Angel Break Episode 3 Review – “The Moonlit Night and the Hedgehog”

Sometimes a bland and boring show manages to show some promise by episode 3. The rule is thus upheld etc. I would say that Twin Angel Break would be one of these types of shows.

(Spoilers in this review

Why am I saying this? Well, because a lot of questions the viewers had regarding TAB were addressed in this episode (in my opinion).

It turns out the hedgehog mascot, Mikuru, is actually a girl (my mistake for assuming all magical girl mascots are boys by default). In fact, Mikuru’s true form is the third wheel girl in the OP and ED! I didn’t watch the original series so I was totally caught off-guard here. And it just so happens that the predecessor Twin Angel Break are currently implied to have turned into stone. This serves as an explanation for why Mikuru is collecting sacred energy: she wants to turn her onee-chans back to normal!

I also liked how the two girls’ differing styles were discussed. Meguru has a ton of raw power but lacks finesse; Sumire has more technique but less stamnia. As a result, the girls have a lot more success when Meuguru handles the minions while Sumire takes on the boss. I still don’t know if they’re making use of the Break system that was mentioned back in episode one or not, but at least the two girls have special moves now.

Still, more questions were potentially raised with this episode. Sumire’s older brother ends up appearing. And just like how some genre-savvy viewers had thought, he turned out to be the guy wearing the mask in the OP. Sumire is all over him like a good brocon, but she is also quick to dismiss him as a mirage / illusion in front of Meguru. What’s that all about?

Why did Mikuru drink the potion to become a hedgehog while she was escaping from the enemy? I’m pretty sure her remaining an actual human being would be so much better for her and her allies. Perhaps the scene showing her downing the solution in one gulp was supposed to illustrate that the situation was dire and that doing so was the only way out /easier way to escape, but I’m not buying it. I realize this will proably never be properly explained and that I’m fussing over what has already been done, but so be it.

In short, I think the series is going in the right direction by making it seem less unoriginal and uninspired through the inclusion of characters from the prequel. As it stands, newcomers and fans of the original series alike can enjoy this show. Hopefully Twin Angel Break continues this trend.


Mikuru chewing out the girls for losing to Mary 3 times in a row.


Mary’s dinner: medals that are made out of people’s negative feelings. She’s trying to stockpile power by nibbling on these for a reason.
Mikuru’s true form revealed!
Oh, it turns out that the predecessors were also students at their current school / associated high school?
Meguru claiming that getting swept up in things is fun. She also wonders why the Twin Angels are not well-known despite being heroes who save the world.
Real talk: the high-jump is my favorite track&field event.
Meguru still doesn’t know and Sumire really pushed herself after Meuguru’s little claim.
Bro-con detected.
So shameless!
Late night talk.
Eyecatch #1
Eyecatch #2
Meguru tries to talk about special moves so Sumire can rest. Mikuru thinks they aren’t taking their roles as Twin Angels seriously and runs off.
Why are both girls such great artists?! I’m envious.
Training montage pic #1
Training montage pic #2
Training montage pic #3
There was this one time when I spent the night in the school public library because I couldn’t stand my housemates.
Mary being cocky. Thankfully Sumire and Meguru come in and demonstrate their new moves.
Finally, Mikuru tells the pair the reason why she’s collecting sacred energy. They both agree to help!
At first, Sumire’s onii-chan was winning.
And then she molted and merged from her cocoon.
Rest in peace, Sumire’s onii-chan.

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