Frame Arms Girl Episode 4 Review – “Jinrai has Arrived! / Redecorating is Fun”

Another FA Girl is introduced, another battle happens, and another scenario that borders on slice-of-life occurs.

(Spoilers in this review) 

At this point, the show will keep doing what it has been doing until all the FA Girls shown in the OP and ED are introduced, I suppose.

A new challenger in the form of a FA Girl will show up to challenge Gourai. Gourai will soundly defeat her and the sore loser will refuse to return to Factory Advance until she actually wins / collects enough battle data. That basically summarizes the first half of the episode.

The new Frame Arms Girl for this episode is Jinrai, who is very much into ninja/samurai/warlods from the Warring States period. Just imagine a battle-hungry tomboy, I guess.

What I disliked about this episode is how Gourai used yet another new weapon, the Violence Ram Double Cannon Mode, and just wiped the floor with Jinrai with no effort. Ao’s sloppiness comes into play and the weapon is no longer useable after this one battle, at least, but it just feels like Gourai will always, always win her battles. It helps that Ao is giving her advice and instructions which gives Gourai an advantage, yes, but it also seems like Gourai will just happen to receive new toys or weapons or upgrades to help her secure victory.

Jinrai is fast!
“Oh, no worries, I just need to pull out this new weapon and win that way!”
Every episode. The FA Girls will find a way to get physically intimate with each other. This week it’s sumo wrestling!
Gourai flinging Jinrai out of the ring. The drawing style is very rough – just like the depicted action.

The second half of the show has the FA Girls creating their own rooms because Ao is tired of dealing with the messes they leave behind. And frankly, I agree. It was nice seeing how each FA Girl has their own tastes and all. The episode ends after the need for more and more battles is reinforced and some very blatant “foreshadowing” is dropped on us viewers.

(Does Ao only have Bukiko as a friend? She was supposed to hang out with her on episode 1. Ao also does it again in this episode. She even has to bribe Bukiko by offering to buy her a parfait. Ao…)

What a mess!
Gourai’s room is very practical.
“It kind of clashes but we’ll make it work.”
Jinrai’s cool crib. The others say it has no sense of feminity. How dare they try to label such a majestic room.
It even has a trapdoor!
Baselard’s chaotic and colorful room.
Stylet is a DIY girl! And her room looks great!
The twins ordered this dollhouse set. But frankly, I prefer Stylet’s room…
Ao finding out that the twins used up all her money to decorate their room.
How can they all smile when they should be at least a little aware they’ve done something wrong???
Ao demanding that they get to battling so she can get more money.

2 thoughts on “Frame Arms Girl Episode 4 Review – “Jinrai has Arrived! / Redecorating is Fun”

  1. How many girls do the Op show? There already seems to be quite a lot.

    And okay, this show is clearly not gonna win points for stunning twists. Probably.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At least two more girls are expected, I think. One more of a grounded unit like Jinrai and Gourai and another flying unit. Maybe one of them will share rooms with another FA Girl. Will have to count when I get home.

      You are probably right. Makes it a bit harder to cover when nothing is really happening.

      Liked by 1 person

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