Twin Angel Break Episode 4 Review – “Q.E.D.! The Scientific Genius”

And then the series took a few steps back with this episode.

(Spoilers in this review)

Well, not really. But the introduction of one pathetic character was quite off-putting.

The episode centered around this revoluting individual, Tanaka (he prefers being called “Billy.” Because Tanaka means victory which is pronounced as bikutori in Japanese. Where does the “ku” and “to” disappear off to? No one knows). He also happens to be part of the villanious organization that opposes Twin Angel Break. Do we even know the name of said organization?

Following in Mary’s foosteps, Tanaka infiltirates St. Cherrine Academy’s middle school division. However, he decides to enroll as a student even though he’s a college student. And why does he do this questionable act? Because he’s a desperate, incompetent man who heard Mary call them honest, pure, and charming. In other words, he thought he could experience romance with girls who are almost half his age.

I don’t have too much problems with relationships in where there is a significant age-gap, but if one of the involved is pretending to be younger than he is in order to prey on naivety, then I’m thoroughly disgusted.

At any rate, Tanaka becomes infatuated with Sumire, stages a quick fight with Twin Angel Break, and comes to the conclusion that Kuromi (the girl who is dressed up as a sheep) and Yuki (the beautiful trap) are the identities of Twin Angel Break. He then attempts to distract Yuki and Kuromi by writing a letter of challenge to them while Mary and the twins create more medals out of people’s despair. It turns out the twins are idols or something.

However, Meguru gets involved because she mistakes his letter of challenge as a love letter. And then Mikuru butts in and actually rewrites the letters of challenge into real love letters.

The result? The trap is led astray and accepts Tanaka’s “confession of love;” Meguru and Sumire confront Mary, who immediately leaves once they arrive; and Tanaka is dismissed as useless and is tossed out of the organization. Good riddance. I hope he doesn’t appear again. And then Mary and the twins talk about their next plan, Operation: Okinawa Double Cyclone.

Oh, and it seems like Sumire’s onii-chan is alive and well. Just looking a bit scruffy since he’s locked up in a prison cell. He sends out a carrier pigeon to request for help before being cornered by Mary, who seems intent on hypnotizing him. He also goes by the alias, “Misty Knight.” Really? Who named these characters?

So I looked up the wikipedia article for the the original series and this is what I found for good ol’ Kisaragi Yuito / Misty Knight:

The handsome school president. He assists the Twin Angels as a Tuxedo Mask-inspired hero. His main weapons are blue roses he apparently cuts from folded paper. Haruka has a crush on him. He often acts as a Deus Ex Machina either working off-screen to happily resolve a conflict or rendering assistance at exactly the right moments. He is apparently from a rich family yet much of his time is spent doing odd and occasionally humiliating part-time jobs.

So the Deus Ex Machina is now a damsel dude in distress! Wow, how progressive! It’s also amusing to note that the red-haired girl from the original Twin Angels had a crush on the guy whereas it’s TSUNmire who has a bit too much affection for her older brother.

In short, this series is definitely one that one should be enjoying without thinking. The real challenge is whether or not a viewer can manage that, I suppose. At least Twin Angel Break seems a bit less unoriginal ever since it revealed that the magical girls from the original series are in jeopardy.

Mary does not intent on going all-out and crushing Twin Angel Break. It wouldn’t be stylish! But it sure is foolish. You’re not being a smart villain.
Oh no, that’s the silly mask that Sumire’s older brother was wearing!
Sumire’s top three onigiri fillings: meat, meat with miso, and minced meat.
The unique eyecatch for this episode.
Tanaka stages a fight with Twin Angel Break in order to analyze his opponents.
And the results of his analytics are completely wrong!
“The twins and I are going to get more medals, so distract Twin Angel Break.”
He is against doing so since he wanted to invite Sumire to a movie date, so Mary offers Sumire’s physical results. And he takes it! And he starts imagining her topless. SHE IS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. YOU ARE A CREEP.
Meguru gets involved. I’m glad this is what she had to say when Mikuru pointed out that Yuki and Tanaka are both boys.
Mikuru is insistent that they rewrite the messages!
And apparently Mikuru is pretty good at capturing maidens’ hearts!
The party of 6 has dwindled down to 2.
They couldn’t help but watch.
Here comes Kuromi. She’s always falling and dropping candy.
And here comes Yuki, who looks beautiful dressed up as a bride.
They’re all into it.
Yuki, you’re really rocking those heels. Good for you.
Twin Angel Break show up to the concert to stop Mary but she just dips out.
Nooo you shouldn’t fall in love with such a useless man, Yuki. Meanwhile, Kuromi watches the two from the sidelines.
He gets thrown out of the organization for being worthless.
Rugged Yuito with a bird.
I guess he’s going to be brainwashed into fighting Twin Angel Break in the future.

4 thoughts on “Twin Angel Break Episode 4 Review – “Q.E.D.! The Scientific Genius”

  1. Enjoying without thinking is one thing but this episode sounds like it’s designed to revolt you into thought, and not the good kind. Gah.

    Yuki, dude, you can do way better than that creepy shit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “In short, this series is definitely one that one should be enjoying without thinking.”

    I was… up until this ep, it was largely a mindless paint-by-numbers mahou shoujo. But this ep was as you point out, *very* creepy. Let’s hope they’ve got it out of their systems.

    Liked by 1 person

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