Monthly Update #7 | May 2017 – Episodic Reviews, Upcoming Content, Blog Anniversary, ETC

Only 66% of the year remains, folks. If the year was converted into a single hour, then 20 minutes would have already passed by and we would only have 40 minutes left! It’s also the last month of spring, wow!

That being said, we’re only a month into the Spring 2017 anime season. Despite mixed feelings that were expressed in an earlier post, The Lily Garden will continue to produce episodic content for four shows (Frame Arms Girl, Sakura Quest, Hinako Note, and Twin Angel Break). Hopefully I can continue to entertain you all, dear readers.

I haven’t been putting out very much visual novel content recently and I apologize for that. No promises, but I will at least try to make up for that this month. Speaking of which, it seems like I’m going to be putting my The Shadows of Pygmalion playthrough on hold for now. I was just spending so much time replaying the visual novel in order to write down my thoughts and I was worried that I might have been affecting sales of the game by basically spoiling everything in my write-ups (as if The Lily Garden has that much market power). In short, I wasn’t really enjoying myself. My condolences. Maybe I’ll try again later when I’ve caught up on visual novels or something.


So I scrapped the Wednesday’s What About weekly feature back in March since I found the layout inherently restricting in regards to formatting and scheduling…but I still ended up failing to publish content that isn’t an episode review or a series review!

While I’m really worried of making promises I can’t keep, I will try to redeem myself by publishing these posts within the month (if I don’t abruptly lose confidence):

  • Mori Girl Style and Anime – Remy Fool attempts to talk about fashion
  • Yuri Starter Kit – a beginner’s guide to yuri anime, manga, and visual novels
  • Two-faced Tsukkomi in All-Girls-Shows – an analysis of an archetype
  • Various Artsy Fartsy Stuff – keeping this very vague because of my own uncertainty.


My blog anniversary is also coming up this month! On May 22nd, to be exact. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing to celebrate that yet, but yay!

I guess the last thing to note is that I updated the layout of The Lily Garden sometime during late April! I also added the Featured Content and Featured Category features earlier today so there’s that.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for dropping by!

18 thoughts on “Monthly Update #7 | May 2017 – Episodic Reviews, Upcoming Content, Blog Anniversary, ETC

  1. Maybe you can get a cake to celebrate the blog anniversary. After all, you worked really hard on this and deserve to treat yourself! (Or some other food haha.)

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  2. I agree with D. I’m looking forward to reading the Yuri Starter Kit post, mostly because I don’t follow the genre too much and so I need guidance. Also, I’m always up for seeing some more of your talented fan art. Maybe you should mash it up with the Mori fashion post and create your own design 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry to see the Pygmalion posts go but I get why you’re shelving it. I am pumped for the yuri starterkit though and the rest of the planned posts as well. May life and time be kind to ya!

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  4. Agree with Karandi’s comment. The Two-faced Tsukkomi sounds like an interesting topic.

    Also I meant to tell you earlier, I do like the redesign for the site. Very clean, and spring like 😀

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    1. Wahaha we’ll see if I’m actually skilled enough to produce content that matches such blog post titles.
      Oh, thank you! Gotta welcome one of the better seasons of the year properly, after all!


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