Frame Arms Girl Episode 6 Review – “Fireworks Festival of Feelings / Let’s Go to School 2”

I’m about ready to stop doing episodic reviews for this show.

(Spoilers in this review

Every episode just seems formulaic and The Lily Garden simply isn’t having fun writing about this series. Even though next week’s episode seems to be introducing “the final boss” FA Girl, I am not interested in writing about this show.

I won’t be dropping this series and will continue watching Frame Arms Girl every week so I can do a series review at the end of Spring 2017, but I will not be writing about it.

At any rate, the first half of the episode is about Ao trying to talk the FA Girls into going to a fireworks festival. Jinrai declares that Ao should not be wearing undergarments under her kimino and slashes her panties. The Materia Sisters and Baselard join in by nailing down and applying glue to her clothing drawers so Ao is unable to grab another pair of panties. In the end, Ao receives permission from her building manager to go up on the rooftop where she observes the fireworks alongside with the FA Girls.

The second half of the episode has Ao freaking out over finishing her summer homework at the last minute over at Bukiko’s house. But it turns out she forgot her noteook at school so she demands that the FA Girls march over there and bring it to her. The three pranksters (the Materia Sisters and Baselard) pretend to stay at home but in actuality start messing with the others using wires and inanimate objects. However, a pair of haunted nippers (the runback!) start chasing Gourai, Jinrai, Stylet, and the Architect until it manages to clip Gourai…which leaves Gourai feeling more flexible. Seems like Ao messed up again and forgot to clip off something which left Gourai feeling clunky. In the end, the four FA Girls find Ao’s notebook and take the rusty clippers along with them. Meanwile the pranksters are left at school.

Riveting. Absolutetly engaging.

I’m kind of over this show at this point. Expect me to specify that I’m not doing any more episodic reviews for Frame Arms Girl in the upcoming Midseason Musings post. But do look forward to the series review, I guess.

The Architect’s newly decorated room.
Only Ao cares about the fireworks festival.
Jinrai going in to slash at Ao’s panties!
No chance for new panties.
Misguided Jinrai and the three pranksters.
Ao telling the others that she wanted to create nice memories with them all since they didn’t get to go the beach and the errand mission thing sucked.
Jinrai feeling the guilt.
Jinrai getting ready to commit sudoku (I know it’s seppuku).
Ao cheers up when the building managers gives her tons of stuff.
Summer memories.
Ao’s trying to cram at Bukiko’s place.
Stylet is embarrassed that she feels so scared of the dark that she wants to walk around with her armor out.
Tsunlet still has her arms crossed, I see.
They’re up to no good!
Gourai be trippin’ for no reason.
Stylet freaking out over nothing.
Oh, yeah, forgot that tiny robot girls wear striped panties.
“If you’re so scared, then I’ll just allow you to hold hands with me”
This is actually a pretty good ship.
It caught me off guard, though.
Even though this is probably the gayest show of Spring 2017, I’m not pumped.
I’m actually kind of tired of the incest sisters.
Bukiko telling Ao a horror story that happened in the Model Club at school.
Gourai using her love interest as a bat because she froze up again.
Bukiko talking about how a girl, who accidentially damaged high quality clippers, caused said clippers to become haunted.
Like so.
Gourai got clipped!
Oh, but she feels better now.
Ghost irl looks like some knock-off idol from the 2000s.


6 thoughts on “Frame Arms Girl Episode 6 Review – “Fireworks Festival of Feelings / Let’s Go to School 2”

  1. My thoughts while reading how this episode progressed can be effectively summed up as increasing levels of ‘WTF?”.

    “Jinrai declares that Ao should not be wearing undergarments under her kimino and slashes her panties.”

    No, really,what the fuck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaaaah. I mean the series is based on some plastic model girls that are sold in real life so I shouldn’t be expecting much plot. Or common sense. But dang is the opening catchy.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Fair enough!

          It is played for more comedic effect in this instance but the show as whole doesn’t really offer anything of value to its watchers so you’re still better off ignoring it.

          I think the OP is pretty jammin’, though.

          Liked by 1 person

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