Hinako Note Episode 6 Review – “Maids, Ghosts, and the Stage of Dreams”

This episode was the conclusion to the play, “And Everyone Is Part of the ABC Tragedy File!” Hinako’s hard work pays off while the show, as well as characterization, progresses slightly. But it’s not enough.

(Spoilers in this review

So the girls manage to perform their play at the cultural festival after the series is halfway over. Hinako actually ends up forgetting her lines a couple of hours before the play, but Kuina and Yua both help her relearn her lines just in time. Yua also ends up forgetting to bring her handkerchief on-stage, but Hinako’s ad-lib, coupled with Mayu being prepared, saves the play. The episode ends with Ruri-sensei offering to advise Hinako’s theater trope (which is named after the coffee shop she works in, Hitotose), Yua joining said theater trope, and Ruri-sensei announcing that the school’s theater club will now reopen because the play went well.

Unfortunately, readers will have to look elsewhere if they want to see if Hinako can properly balance managing a theater trope while participating in the theatre club. While Hinako Note improved compared to last week, I’m just not having fun with this show. It’s a slice-of-life Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Show, which is alright in my book. But the characters are quite boring, the animation is often lazy, the jokes frequently fail to amuse, and the fanservice (while dialed back in this episode) is off-putting. There’s just better things for me to do with my time, basically.

I’ll be watching Hinako Note every week until it concludes, in other words, so I can do a series review in 6 weeks or so. But The Lily Garden will no longer do anymore episodic reviews for this show, sorry.

Hinako is a talented girl with a one-track mind.
Hinako the scarecrow! She kind of blew off her class project for her club activities.
Mayu acting like a small child once again.
Gotta suit up for the rehearsal!
Despite how childish Hinako usually looks, she’s actually the girl with the second best figure. I don’t Ruri-sensei counts since she’s 9 years old.
Mayu went above and beyond designing everyone’s costumes. This picture is also another example of how so many characters become like mannequins in these sort of shots.
While Hinako is the main heroine, Yua plays a rich girl detective.
Kuina is the caretaker of the mansion!
Mayu was introduced as the maid by Kuina and everyone was for it. But Mayu isn’t ready yet.
Hinako is just realizing that Chiaki is only helping out from behind-the-scenes for this play.
Ruri displaying her acting chops (as well as testing Hinako’s ability).
Hinako’s cheat code is still alive and well.
No fancy eyecatch in this episode.
Kuina talks about some yummy food she found in the festival stalls.
Notebook picture.
Crepes are delicious. I could eat crepes every day and I’d be very happy.
Hinako forgot her lines!
A last-minute cramming session before the play!
“S-she’s not bad…”
Yua realizing that she messed up by forgetting the handkerchief.
Mayu participating in the play due to Hinako’s ad-lib save. Maybe this is how she gets into acting.
Even after realizing that she’s being watched by tons of people, Mayu moves with more grace compared to how Hinako originally was during practice.
Chiaki was about to dive in and give them another handkerchief. However, she’d be totally out of place with her tracksuit.
Another notebook picture.
Kuina being a great actor. She didn’t get any praise, but it looks like she nailed her part. So I’m giving her the compliments she deserved.
One last notebook pic.
Here’s the curtain call.
Yua apologizing for acting so stuck-up before forgetting the handkerchief.
“Yo, it’s fine”
“It’s fine becase you’re cute when you’re being honest”
“Yo, Hinako, you wanna start in show biz?”
“Too bad, Ruri-chan, Hinako is mine will be busy with Hitotose”
I lied.
Yeah, I’m done with this show.



2 thoughts on “Hinako Note Episode 6 Review – “Maids, Ghosts, and the Stage of Dreams”

  1. That toe looks like it wants to poke the viewer in the face.

    Goodbye, Hinako Note. I’ll be looking forward to your series review and meanwhile, hope you find a better use for the time you’d spend on reviewing this.

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