Twin Angel Break Episode 6 Review – “The Legendary Monsters, the Black Rose Man”

Yeah, I’m dropping this one, too, folks. Sorry.

(Spoilers in this “review”

I want to pretend that it was because Misty Knight is now being called Nasty Knight, which is a hilariously terrible villain moniker.

The real reason I’m no longer doing episodic reviews for Twin Angel Break is because I’m not really over what happened in episode 4 where “Billy” pretends to be a middle schooler in order to prey on younger girls. It’s criminal behavior that shouldn’t be tolerated or made light of.

That and the show isn’t really going anywhere. I got excited over the reveal that the original Twin Angel team are being held captive, but other than that, Twin Angel Break has either been entirely unoriginal or bizarre. In other words, I’m not enjoying this show. But I’ll watch it to the bitter end in order to review it as a series in 6 weeks.

And this review only has 6 pictures because I just decided I couldn’t handle the show after it’s revealed that he goes by “Nasty Knight” now. I wasn’t kidding about that.

She’s a pretty minor character.
I guess the slice of bread is an allusion to fated encounters?
And he turned the bread slice into a rose and started sucking out her positive energy!
She drops her bag while he obtains a coin.
I’m done.

10 thoughts on “Twin Angel Break Episode 6 Review – “The Legendary Monsters, the Black Rose Man”

  1. Nasty Knight.


    Run while you can, Remy.
    Well, though it’s not really strategic retreat since you’ll still be watching. I wish you the best of luck.

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    1. You ever laugh but it’s more out of contempt and derision instead of being a means to express merriment and amusement?
      That was my reaction to Nasty Knight.

      Thank you. I will try my best.

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      1. I’m nine episodes into Diabolik Lovers, bud, I know exactly what you mean.

        But still, I can barely look at that name and accept that it exists.

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  2. Can totally relate with you. I decided to stop being an idiotic no-drop club masochist member and started dropping too (though only the shows I find… really bad or boring). My first was Kabukibu! though, that… was totally on another level in my opinion.

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