Sakura Quest Episode 7 – “The Mansion in Purgatory”

And so the Maki / Shiori arc ends this week. And it was rather moving!

(Spoilers in this review

tl;dr – Maki comes to terms with her strong feelings for acting with minimal assistance from Yoshino in this episode (Yoshino did do some minor things in the previous episode, though). Meanwhile, Shiori ends up lashing out at Yoshino for abandoning her hometown after Yoshino confronts her over lying to the Board of Tourism. Out of all of the five girls, Shiori probably has the strongest sense of loyalty to Manoyama considering how she was the first one working for the BoT before the rest. So perhaps Yoshino’s attempt to run away from home and into the city probably struck a nerve with her.

So Yoshino was basically sidelined for Maki’s development this episode outside of asking Maki if she’s okay. Taking a cue from Sanae’s arc, however, Yoshino does play a part in Shiori’s development by telling her to let go of the past. Her role here is arguably more important than what happened during Sanae’s arc. She also ends up taking to heart what Shiori said. A good queen will listen to her subjects!

Overall, I thought this episode was a nice conclusion to this Maki / Shiori arc. I actually ended up getting a little teary-eyed watching young Shiori play with the old lady and seeing Maki observe young Maki. It’ll be interesting to see how the story progresses from here now that 3 members conquered some sort of hang-up (well, I guess Ririko also learned how to perform in front of others, but she isn’t as fond of acting as Maki is) since Sakura Quest seemed intent on giving the viewers backstories for all of the girls as they wrestle with their inner conflicts. Maybe Ririko’s grandmother will get in their way in the future?

The rest of the post is basically a synopsis.

Picking up right where the last episode left off, this week’s episode opens with Maki trying to apologize to Yoshino. Our Queen says that doesn’t really matter and drags Maki over to the filming scene where everyone is watching Ririko trying to desperately act since Maki didn’t accept the role. Realizing that stepping in and taking her place would hinder Ririko’s growth as a person, Maki merely gives her some advice. Ririko then nails the scene with ease.

Ririko’s time to shine as an actor!
A bit of advice from Maki-senpai and you’re on your way to becoming a film star!
The old man is also a film star!

It starts raining the following day, so the director decides to shoot the indoor scenes a day earlier. Since the Board of Tourism had just barely secured 20 kids for the children zombie roles for the next day, it was deemed unreasonable for them to ask the parents to let their kids participate a day earlier. Maki claims she can handle it and ends up calling up her younger brother (who, as we saw in the previous episode, teaches a drumming class). Sanae and Ririko decide to see if they can somehow try something else (it was quite vague here) and Yoshino is told to try to find a house for the final scene.

Yoshino finally decides to try calling the house and she finds out that the Board of Tourism had already received permission to burn the place down. I guess she trusted Shiori too much to doubt her word before then, huh?

“Oh, we can burn the house down? You already told us this?”
What a dependable younger brother!

Yoshino ends up confronting Shiori, who reveals that an elderly woman used to live in said house, that the house contains precious memories for her, and that a house isn’t just a box. Yoshino gets a little mean and says that Shiori didn’t have any trouble looking for someone else’s house (which would be full of memories for other people) to burn, basically calls her selfish, and tells Shiori to move on from the past. Shiori fires back and says that’s something only someone who abandoned their hometown can say. Ouch.

This old lady knows how to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood well!
“Yo move on fam this place is a wreck”
“You the wreck fool why you run away from home don’t lecture me”

So it turns out that Maki’s brother was able to round up a lot of little brats. Oh, wait, it wasn’t him. Their father is the vice-principal of the elementary school and he pulled some strings! We also get to see a kid slap Sanae’s big butt and they all start sexually harassing the poor lady. So basically Japanese kids are terrible according to anime.

Maki and Ririko end up having a heart-to-heart in the school library. Turns out Maki is at least 5 years older than Ririko (Maki was in sixth grade when Ririko first started attending school; it depends if Ririko started in first grade or in kindergarten). Ririko thanks Maki for the advice (apparently she told Ririko that acting is just being a different person) and Maki talks about how she was a tree for Snow White. Maki then gets a little wistful as she stares at her own face in an old photograph.

The most bratty zombies I’ve ever seen.
Maki’s father looks like a stern man!
A fated encounter! These two are often sitting next to each other, I noticed.
Maki is pretty smooth. And pretty.
“Hey, here’s a tip. It’s got to be more than something you ‘like,’ or you won’t get far, kid.”

We jump to shooting scene. Maki looks a bit sad watching Moe play the main heroine. Yoshino and Shiori also end up making up. Maki then ends up imagining how she felt about acting while she was growing up.

So her lover turns into a zombie and she tries to stop him from attacking her by flashing the necklace Ririko gave her earlier? Uhh…
Why so glum, chum?
“Sorry fam I went too far” “Nah I did”
P.A. Works playing to their strengths.
Maki and lil’ Maki.
Even in elementary school, lil’ Maki is cool!
She’s a little older here. And practicing lines for Romeo and Juliet.
High school age? Maybe college?

Maki ends up going to the fortune-teller in order to find out if she’ll continue acting. But then her younger brother pops with a DVD their dad wanted to show her. It turns out that their dad was in charge of filming school performances and that the DVD was of Maki’s class’ rendition of Snow White. Their dad kept the camera focused on Maki for most of the video, which pissed off the principal. In other words: Maki’s dad was her first fan!

The cards shall decide her fate!
Oh wait, their dad wants her to see this.
So your dad DOES care about you, okay?

Maki ends up volunteering to be Moe’s stunt double after the director decides Moe’s character should DIVE into a burning building in order to save her lover. After all, Maki admits to Yoshino, her feelings for acting can’t be brushed aside so easily. And so she does her part and she looks really, really cool.

Maki is here to save the day!
Even when she’s dressed up as Moe, Maki looks cool. Oops, not meant to be a diss towards Moe.
Her brother leads the drumming during her big moment!
Nice movie shot.
She gets engulfed by flame???
Oh, it’s camera tricks.
Maki dives into the hole when the flame in front of the camera shoots up.
It’s a success! And Maki is escorted from the flames.
What’s left of the house.
Hopefully the Moe and Maki combo work out again in the future.
Maki hugs Yoshino and thanks her…for helping her realize that she does love acting?
I mean, Yoshino didn’t really do much for Maki in this episode. She figured it out by herself.
Do you think Yoshino is a coldfish in bed?
Maki’s old man is happy for her!
Despite Shiori’s pretty words saying that the house would be better off remembered in a film instead of being forgotten, the remains of the house is quite atrocious.
Yoshino took Shiori’s words to heart. She also asked for the old lady who treated Shiori well to be included in the credits.
Yoshino thanking random lady. Sanae chilling with other women to feel younger. Ririko trying to learn more about cameras. Maki getting praised by scumbag director??
Ririko drinks juice and Shiori drinks water. At least I think that’s water.
Shiori looks pretty with her down like that.
Just like Miyamori Aoi, Yoshino LOVES beer.
Shiori seems drunk. But she’s drinking water? She’s cute like this, though.
Sanae praised Maki for once.
And suddenly Shiori is the most childish one of them all when booze happens.
Yoshino is a lightweight?
She also has a vicegrip on the can of beer!
The third assistant director ended up hyping up Manoyama too much so now move production companies think they can shoot action films in the small town.


5 thoughts on “Sakura Quest Episode 7 – “The Mansion in Purgatory”

  1. Finally watched this week’s ep last night (it’s been a busy week)… Ep 7 just firmed up my thought that *Sakura* may have finally turned a corner. Throwing light on Shiori and Maki’s connections to Manoyama finally dropped the missing puzzle pieces into place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “…says that Shiori didn’t have any trouble looking for someone else’s house.”

    This is a good point actually. Though I’m biased towards Yoshino in this discussion because I don’t think you NEED to be loyal to the place you were born. It’s matter of experiences and what you want in life.

    Or something.

    And yes, Maki is pretty. Very, very pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they both made good points but yeah, you don’t need to be loyal to your hometown or something. Then again I’m playing a visual novel right now where a musician is being treated with contempt for not sticking to her roots. Hm. Guess it varies on a case by case basis.

      Very very very pretty!

      Liked by 1 person

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