Fashion Friday Feature – Spring and Night Style Boards

So I wanted to blog about fashion again.

Is this going to be a regular thing?

Probably not. I think I lack the ability to coherently communicate my thoughts about fashion and trends and all. I don’t really do that much research on those, either, since I just flip through pages of clothing and blog posts every so often.

But I was encouraged to do a thing by Kimmie Kawaii. And then I roped her into doing a collaboration post with me, so yay! More like she graciously accepted my offer but still.

So we individually came up with four outfits that we’ll be sharing in this post. One outfit is supposed to evoke a “Spring” look while the other outfit is supposed to be worn while you’re having a night out. Paint the town red, girl! Even though it’s basically Summer already.

tl;dr – This post will feature 4 style boards – 2 from Kimmie and 2 from me. These are for fun and we hope you enjoy.

Kimmie’s Spring Look Style Board

Spring Look Remy Collab

Kimmie: When the weather begins to warm and the flowers bloom, I grow eager to break free from the monotony of wearing thick winter coats and pants. With this in mind, I naturally chose a skirt to take full advantage of the shift from frigid Winter to warmer Spring days. Since thoughts of Spring conjure images of colorful, budding flowers, this became the inspiration for the daytime look. Though I appreciate incorporating ankle boots into warm weather outfits, I never pass up a chance to highlight a freshly painted pedicure; so open toed shoes are a must. The accessories add a touch of pink to enhance the milder tone of the overall outfit; making it pop. For extra appeal, a floral scent (Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume from Bath and Body Works), is a classic Spring scent.

My Spring Look Style Board

crappy spring fashion look

Remy: Okay, so when I think of Spring, I think of strawberries. And this red Peter Pan collared dotted top embodies both concepts! Meanwhile, the other pieces serve to either compliment or enhance this core piece. The pink cardigan blends well with the red and white components of the top; the green jumper skirt makes the red top pop a little (thank you, color wheel).

Throw in some brown boots with chunky heels, red socks with lace trimming, and a rabbit charm bracelet in order to complete your cute outfit!

Neither of my style boards include make up or underwear; please use your own judgement! I’m not telling you to go commando, in other words. But if you’re into it, well, I can’t stop you…

Kimmie’s Night Look Style Board

Night Look Remy Collab

Kimmie: According to the runways, the color Mint will be a hot choice for Spring 2017. With this in mind, I chose a relaxed, Mint, strapless dress that’s perfect for a night out. For cooler Spring evenings, a neutral, fitted, short cut trench coat is a practical choice in dressing up or playing down an outfit. For a bit of glitz, the accessories are metallic tones, which played a significant role in my decision to opt for lighter shades of makeup. While darker makeup doesn’t have to be avoided, Spring colors are heavy on pastel hues. The inspiration behind this look lies in the perfume, aptly named Bombshell by Victoria Secret.

My Night Look Style Board

crappy date night look.png

Remy: This was my take on the classic rebel look: leather jacket with t-shirt and jeans and boots. But I made the image more feminine by switching out the pants for a denim skirt. A plain t-shirt would work here, as well, but I chose one with some lace-trim so your shirt has a bit of extra flair should you take off your leather jacket (but why would you).

I opted to include tights because sometimes Spring nights can get rather chilly. Throw in a nail bracelet (because rebels are tough as nails, right) and a simple disc necklace to round out this simple yet composed look. The leather jacket is providing most of the visual novel impact here. Try to let it do its thing while making sure your accessories and other articles of clothing don’t get too busy.


Kimmie: While we thoroughly enjoyed designing these outfits for you, a sense of style is really limited only by your imagination. With a bit of planning comes the potential to create stunning looks that are ‘uniquely you.’  Just remember…

  • Focus on one or two key pieces to play up.
  • Balance out the focal pieces with neutral colors or simple patterns.
  • Enhance an outfit with small touches of a complimentary color (study the color wheel!)
  • Dressing in layers will allow you to adapt to cooler evening weather.

The most important point to remember is your style is meant to be an extension of yourself; a means of expression. When in doubt, forget fashion rules. After all, life is far more interesting when you don’t follow the masses.

Remy: What she said.

20 thoughts on “Fashion Friday Feature – Spring and Night Style Boards

  1. This was a cool post. You both sound like you know what you’re talking about. Btw, Remy, my favorite piece in the ones you both presented would be the black leather jacket because I’m weak to that kinda thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, D! Kimmie certainly does and it shows in the thoughtfulness she put in her style boards and write ups.

      Yeaaah right? Seeing people with black leather jackets walk by would make you turn your head. And grab onto the nearest railing or counter because your knees gave out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “What she said” LOL

    Awesome, this was fun to read! Hmm… and you say you’re not a fashion expert senpai…
    Both of you sound like professionals. I loved the accessories btw.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Remy, you cheat! I came here to talk about how awesome Kimmie’s choices were and then I saw your strawberry outfit. Strawberries are my weakness and that’s not fair, damn it.

    That said I like the shoes in all these boards. Does that say something about me?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wahaha I’m sorry! I needed to level the playing field!

      Shoes are important. Street fights happen over people scuffling other people’s footwear. That’s how I will choose to interpret your fascination!

      Liked by 1 person

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