Sakura Quest Episode 12 Review – The Dawn Guild

The biggest promoted event in Manoyama is about to begin!

(Spoilers in this review

Said event is The Kingdom of Chupakabura’s 20th Anniversary Founding Festival (or Founding Festival). A famous television show (the host happens to be have been born and raised in Manoyama) that interviews extraordinary locals became interested in the “Town Revival Gals” and thus came to lend a hand. They even brought in a very trendy band to play in the Founding Festival!

As usual, this mini-arc is a part of a two-episode set-up. And nothing really happens in this episode besides deciding and finishing the details for the Founding Festival as well as revealing that a fair amount of members from the Board of Merchants (and the Community Club members and members of other groups) are against helping. What a bunch of stubborn and selfish old farts! Thankfully, Ririko’s grandmother steps in and convinces the others to help the Tourism Board. Maybe the events in the previous episode helped changed her mind a little.

There was also a bit of drama over how Yoshino is so normal compared to the others – a callback to the earlier episodes! I guess it’s true that she hasn’t developed much compared to the others, but she has played a part in everyone else’s characterization, as noted by the other Town Revival Gals.

Hopefully the event doesn’t go sour next week.

Some of the girls get carried away at first, but Maki is there to talk some sense into them.
You all know someone like me would be ecstatic about a line like that.
Being told you’re too normal does suck.
You’re not really helping!

2 thoughts on “Sakura Quest Episode 12 Review – The Dawn Guild

  1. Being normal is bad these days? Well, jeez, you just can’t win…
    (I kid, I kid)

    Also, “What a bunch of stubborn and selfish old farts”
    Yeah, one wonders why the town is struggling with tourism and such. What could possibly be the reason…

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