Wake Up, Girls! – Beyond the Bottom – Anime Movie Review

The third movie in the franchise. Wow!

What this movie gives is closure. Beyond the Bottom ties up nearly all of the plot points and leftover threads. What little that wasn’t covered can be explained via implication and imagination, I suppose.

Other than that, there are a few other reasons to watch Beyond the Bottom. Wanting to see what happens after Seishun no Kage is a decent enough reason. Also desiring to see controversial characters essentially become saints or reformed is also a strong incentive. And who doesn’t like a good underdog story?

Still, I initially wasn’t a big fan of how the central personal drama unfolded. I had thought this particular issue was taken care of in the anime series after one particular character’s dramatic flourish and declaration. But this franchise, for better or for worse, features parents as people who actually care about their children’s future prospects. While it is a bit arrogant of them to assume they know best, the parents do mean well. I’m sure some viewers resonate with this, which means this whole dramatic situation wasn’t pointless. Nevertheless, I’m not exactly sure that WUG needed this considering that they were already dealing with a lot of things at the time. Simply feeling the pressure to do well in a high-stakes performance isn’t enough potential peril for WUG, I suppose.

Same old news about the animation, music, and yuri…is what I would like to say, but the animation was relatively decent (compared to the anime series, at least), the music/insert songs were great (as usual, Wake Up, Girls! learned two new songs), and the yuri levels remain weak (hopefully you aren’t blind from wearing your shipping googles for such an extended period of time).


If you’re still a fan after watching the prequel movie, the anime series, and the second movie, then you should definitely watch this movie. Beyond the Bottoms does give some much-needed closure and a very emotional, climatic finish. I heard there’s a second season coming out, too, so the ride doesn’t stop here, folks!

Despite my seemingly lukewarm words, I do think the Wake Up, Girls! franchise is underrated and should be seen by any fans of the idol genre.


5 thoughts on “Wake Up, Girls! – Beyond the Bottom – Anime Movie Review

  1. I’ve heard news that another season could be in the works. Animated by a different studio, the characters will each have a new aesthetic to them, and similar to its predecessor, the upcoming Wake Up, Girls continuation will be auditioning voice roles for its three new characters. While there’s no concrete news as to when this will come out, if you enjoyed Wake Up, Girls, then this could be quite enjoyable, too!

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    1. Mmm I’ve heard the same news, too, but from word of mouth and not from sources. Thanks for the additional information.

      I am excited but I’m wondering about how WUG can progress from here. Guess we will have to see.
      Thanks for dropping by!


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