Sudden Annoucement!

So I’m going to Anime Expo 2017 and I’ll be staying there from Friday to Tuesday! This means that I probably won’t be able to keep up with all of my blogger friends for a few days, but I promise I’ll catch up when I head back home. Orrrrr I can try to keep on top of things during the evenings. We’ll see!

By the time you see this post, by the way, I’ll probably already be in LA. Gotta get up early to beat traffic, y’know?

Furthermore, I’m going to be covering and writing articles about the Anisong World Matsuri event for Manga.Tokyo. If you’re not in the know, the AWM is an event where very popular idols and singers come to Anime Expo in order to perform! So yeah, I’ll probably link those articles in the near future.

I’m also going to be interviewing two of those singers! I won’t be saying any names until the interview is published, but both of them perform during the Japan Super Live (aka Day 2 of the Anisong World Matsuri on July 1st).

Look forward to it! Or not. It’s your choice.

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