Knight’s & Magic Episode 1 Review – “Robots & Fantasy”

That apostrophe in the title bothers me, but what can you do?

(Spoilers in this review

One Sentence Summary: A mecha otaku gets reincarnated as a short, androgynous white-haired boy in a world where humans use magic and operate giant robots, known as Silhouette Knights, in order to fight off demonic beasts.

Impression: I should have been paying a bit more attention since I was caught off-guard over how this series is an isekai.

Some people will inevitably criticize some of the wish fulfilment that occurs. I’m pretty sure being reborn as a cute person is something people pray for every night (source: me). But isn’t all media and mediums wish fulfilment to some degree? It’s a weak argument.

There has already been two three-year-timeskips, but that allows the audience to skip through the less interesting stuff. The first episode also included some interesting puzzles that will probably be addressed later on. Why are the designs for the Silhouette Knights essentially unchanged after several centuries? How come there were so many demonic beasts in the students’ training area (which is a common enough mishap in this sort of fantasy anime series)? And I bet there’s some sort of sinister secret behind the creation of Silhouette Knights.

I personally thought that the narration was too heavy-handed and not necessary, but that’s not uncommon fare in anime series, let alone isekai narratives.

It’s an opening episode that plays the isekai genre straight and safe. I’m personally glad that there wasn’t too much technobabble so far. Knight’s & Magic has been conventional yet mildly entertaining so far.

1. kurata-san
Kurata the genius programmer.
3. kurata's death
The classic way of entering an isekai – getting run over by a car.
6. life purpose
“I was reborn into this world to pilot mecha!”
8. more friends
Adeltroot/Addy, Ernesti/Ernie, Akidd/Kidd, and Batson.
9. new tech
Ernie didn’t want to mess with rods so he developed a gun/sword/wand hybrid.
10. shining
Guess who skipped classes?
11. a rival appears!
A love triangle develops between stepsisters?!
12. omnious
Very omnious!


8 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episode 1 Review – “Robots & Fantasy”

  1. Hmm.., well…I might check this one out at some point even though it sounds like a fairly standard series. I like the images you have provided for it, and as such it has sparked my interest. Thanks for sharing this one 😊

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    1. Mmm it’s pretty standard fare so far. The series is rather pretty at least. Hopefully you continue enjoying the reviews and you jump in when it becomes clear if it’s good (or stay clear if the opposite occurs)

      Thanks for dropping by, raistlin~

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  2. “(source: me)”

    Never change, Remy.

    So far the isekai aspect of this show is doing nothing for me. They’ll probably put his tech/programming knowledge to reasonable use at some point (“coding” spells doesn’t count) but right now the connection is really weak.

    Also, since the episode barrels through the setup I have almost no investment in any of these characters. The secret of the Silhouette Knights is my only draw after this opening.

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    1. Thanks, Weekend. I can’t take credit for it, though. But I do like sprinkling in references to other anime series (this one is from OreGairu).

      Yeah the connection was a bit of a stretch and everything felt rushed. I similarly can’t find myself caring about these characters. I’m sure it’s a juicy secret! It had better be or else I will be disappointed.

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      1. > everything felt rushed.

        It is. They even skipped a whole chapter. Though, if I have to be honest, the faster pace isn’t actually bad, as I found the LN itself quite slow. Skipping whole parts is bad though.

        Although I’m replying a comment, I think your impression is on point: there is a reason I still read Isekai stories even after dozens of them. I don’t think wish fulfillment is bad at all.

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