Netsuzou TRap Episode 1 Review – “A Secret Between Girls”

An anime about yuri and netorare has arrived.

(Spoilers in this review

For those of you who don’t know, netorare occurs when a guy’s girlfriend gets “stolen” by someone else. Only in this case, the one “stealing” the guy’s girlfriend is another girl. Said “thief” also has a boyfriend.

Long story short, the series is about two childhood friends, Yuma and Hotaru, fooling around with each other behind their boyfriends’ backs. Except Hotaru is the one who initiates everything seen in this episode with little regard to Yuma’s feelings. And the only ones who would know that these two girls are childhood friends either paid attention to the ED, which featured a small preview of the next episode’s content, or read the manga.

Something that really hurts this anime adaptation is the short duration. Netsuzou TRap only gets 9 minutes per episode! As a result, introductions are cut and the audience is forced to witness drama and deception occur right off the bat. I understand that this was a necessity considering the time constraints imposed onto the show via design, but I couldn’t really connect to these characters. I have been given no reason to really care about them. The result is a paper-thin soap opera that only features one mean and unloyal girl who forces herself onto her childhood friend.

Fans of drama and betrayal and whatnot would be thrilled after this episode, I’m sure. Personally, I’m not into it and I don’t see myself getting into it. Alas, The Lily Garden attempts to cover as much yuri media and mediums as much as possible. See you next week.


10 thoughts on “Netsuzou TRap Episode 1 Review – “A Secret Between Girls”

  1. Drama and betrayal can be great if done right but it sounds like this one is dumping all that on you without bothering to make you care about the characters and give a shit about their relationships. Think I’ll skip this unless it gets way better later on.

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    1. Yeah that sums it up in my opinion. But they have been dealt a cruddy hand since each episode is 9 minutes long (7.5 if you take out OP and ED)

      I think there’s better shows out there but I do know some drama / yuri fans are enjoying this.

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  2. After I watched it, I immediately started monitoring the Lily Garden for coverage on this one. Now that the day has come I can now close out this tab in peace. Thank you Remy

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    1. Mmm I agree that the time constraints are problematic but I don’t think the characters offer too much in regards to actual characterization. But maybe my memory is failing me.

      I’ll stick around, don’t worry. And I hope you enjoy the show when it’s all done airing!

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  3. We started watching it and I turned it off after the opening scene. I thought this series would be similar to Scum’s Wish. With that said, if this was the direction that the writers chose to start with then i can assume the focus of this anime isn’t on in-depth character development. As you mentioned, given the time constraints, it would be difficult to flesh out multi-layered personalities and detailed backstories. Great review, Remy!

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    1. Yeah it doesn’t offer much substance and I am of the opinion that it stays that way. It’s not really the studio’s fault since the original source material was like this, too. Get out while the getting out is good.

      Your reply as well as weekend’s comment on Knight’s & Magic gave me an idea for a post. Thanks~

      And thank you for the kind words!

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