Battle Girl High School Episode 1 Review – “We Can Do It!”

A generic action-oriented girls club show. This episode was not a very promising start.

(Spoilers in this review)

One Sentence Summary: an excessive amount of middle school girls and high school girls fight these monsters called Irous.

Impression: and that’s all we get, folks! Two of the girls among these “Battle Girls” are idols. This gives the franchise / series the opportunity to release musical singles/albums full of uninspired music. Ah, sorry, my cynicism is showing.

The series begins with Hoshitsuki Miki, the protagonist, sleeping during class and experiencing an omnious dream. The rest of the first half of the episode has the three main girls (Miki and her two friends, Wakaba Subaru and Narumi Haruka) attempt to attend the concert of the aforementioned idols before being called over to fight Irous. They end up being bailed out by the rest of the girls.

The second half of the episode is about the three main girls realizing they should try to practice and improve. The audience is also introduced to some of the other girls, but there’s just so many characters and we’re only given cursory information. All of the Battle Girls end up in some sort of battle practice and a mysterious girl, who had been lurking around for most of the episode, crashes this practice session and is introduced as a new squad member for the Battle Girls (is that what they call themselves? I have no idea).

I guess it’s sort of interesting that these Battle Girls are basically washed-up. They’ve been successively fighting off these Irous for some time now and they’ve kind of gotten sloppy. They’re just halfheartedly battling these Irous and there’s no sense of tension or danger happening during said scraps. This was one of the complaints I had with Schoolgirl Strikers so I was actually quite pleased to see this being addressed.

The artstyle is rather washed-up and faded, too. Everything appears dull and it causes the viewer to quickly lose interest. The saving point of the series is the yuri shiptease that’s been rather prominent so far, but that can only go so far.

I’m getting bad vibes for this show already.

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11 thoughts on “Battle Girl High School Episode 1 Review – “We Can Do It!”

  1. I rage-quit after one episode, and this does not happen often. Between a premise that fails to create excitement and the lack of urgency in their battles, I find that this was not something I could enjoy.

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        1. I think there’s better things to do with your time and I think the show would be well below your B- threshold but if you’re up for the challenge I would be impressed.


  2. Hmmm…..I think I’m going to avoid this one. I recently watched Hundred, a show that was incredibly bad to put it mildly, and even though this one is totally different concept wise, it gives me similar vibe. 😊

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  3. This series just felt really uninspired. The character designs were cute, but I didn’t really find anything about it which actually interested me in watching further. I also think that introducing all of the cast in the first episode was perhaps a bit overwhelming. With 12(?) girls in around 24 minutes, that allows less than 2 minutes per girl, if we cut out the time taken for the OP and ED. Girls need more than 2 minutes each!

    If you stick with it, I may just ‘watch’ vicariously through your episode coverage to see what happens. I always enjoy your episode summaries.

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    1. I think we feel the same way about this series. At least they’re cute, I suppose, but that can’t carry everything. Maybe it’ll balance later on (Hai-Furi and Girls Und Pander did a decent/great job balancing screentime among a large cast of characters), but that doesn’t change the fact that all other aspects of the series fail to retain viewer interest.

      I’m probably sticking with it until episode 3 at least. Thank you for the continued support!

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