Tsurezure Children Episode 1 Review – “Confession”

Another series that only runs for a shorter amount of time (12 minutes).

(Spoilers in this review

One Sentence Summary: Boys and girls suck at confessing or flirting or any sort of romantic interaction due to miscommunication and social awkwardness.

Impression: I think the series was able to make good use of its inherent time constraints. With only 12 minutes (excluding the OP), each of the four pairings only got 3 minutes each. Furthermore, the pairings shown here aren’t going to be deep or particularly meaningful. Instead, each couple opts to feature either one or both characters being flustered due to shyness or inexperience. This allows for characters to make amusing meme faces which will probably be the show’s selling point since I imagine the lack of progress for some of the couples will be frustrating for some viewers. In this episode alone, however, two couples got together which is 50%. Not bad.

I’m sure this show will be amusing to watch but it won’t be a must-drop-everything-and-make-room-to-watch-every-week sort of series. I can’t actually remember any of their names, to be honest.

1 (2)
She keeps him in suspense for a long time.
1 (5)
“I’m donezo.”
1 (7)
She just said that she’ll try to tell him that she likes him tomorrow. Hence his reaction.
1 (11)
The chaste boy and the troll.
1 (12)
She got ‘im.
1 (15)
He’s frustrated!
1 (18)
I’m guessing this will be a legendary reaction image used world-wide.
1 (21)
She stinks of tar! P.U.!
1 (22)
He goes for it anyways.
1 (24)
Snugglin’ up to senpai!
1 (27)
But she doesn’t show any promising results!
1 (29)
Flubbed the confession but all’s well that ends okay!

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