Centaur no Nayami Episode 1 Review

Ah, a slice-of-life show. It feels like it’s been a while…

(Spoilers in this review

One Sentence Summary: A slice-of-life show with animal/monster people.

Impression: An easygoing show with some rough animation, yuri shiptease, and potential for discussion about discrimination. The last aspect brings Demi-chan wa Kataritai to mind, but we shall have to see if the little speech that was given by the professor served a purpose other than to fill the viewer in. Some individuals standing by the door and listening to her speech makes it seem a little suspicious.

This episode was split into two parts. Part A featured their class performing a play where Hime (the centaur) and Nozomi (the cool girl with wings) end up playing the Princess and the Prince roles, respectively. Meanwhile, Part B has the class listen to a lecture which is then followed by the girls doing a marathon. Turns out their mutual friend, Kyoko, is out-of-shape. The three girls also talk about discrimination and acceptable behavior and the world setting. How convenient for the viewer.

I’m not overly excited about this show, but it could be worse.

1 (1)
The way the show opened up with a kiss was bold. Was a nice way to demonstrate Hime’s naivety, too.
1 (4)
Gettin’ ready fo’ the play.
1 (15)
The climax!
1 (14)
The steps collapsed because the guy who designed them was lazy. But Hime saves Nozomi!
1 (18)
And like that, the Prince and the Princess switched roles.
1 (19)
Kyoko took it too easy and now she’s out-of-shape. She’s actually me.
1 (21)
1 (22)
Nozomi took it too easy and now she has to take remedial classes. She’s actually me.

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