Kakegurui Episode 2 Review – “A Boring Girl”

(Spoilers in this review

Following the trend set by its strong premiere episode, Kakegurui continues to intrigue viewers with outrageous gambles and expressive reaction faces. Viewers were also given a brief explanation about the academy’s purpose and the reason behind its harsh pyramid system. The series seems to have settled into an “Obstacle of the Week” format and Yumeko will start duking it out with members from the student council from here on out. In this week’s gamble, Yumeko demonstrates inhuman memorization ability in order to outwit her newest opponent in a game of Double Card Memory.

I actually felt perturbed seeing the characters bet body parts (specifically fingernails and toenails). Considering how Yumeko’s opponent, Sumeragi Itsuki, is considered small fry by the other student council members, the bets and games will surely become increasingly insane. With a sense of excitement that is tinged with unease, I look forward to the next episode with bated breath.

2 (1)
What goes around comes around, huh?
2 (4)
Momobami Kirari, the current student council president, is the one behind the school’s reformation.
2 (6)
Yumeko is excited over the school’s current system that heavily punishes the losers.
2 (9)
Oh, hi, it’s Sumeragi Itsuki!
2 (13)
She shows her true colors here.
2 (14)
Yumeko truly sounded pitiful here as she begs for a rematch.
2 (16)
Of course, Itsuki is more than happy to oblige.
2 (17)
She also collects nails. Real human nails. 
2 (20)
So following their wager of 20 million yen, Itsuki wants the next battle to have fingernails and toenails on the line.
2 (21)
Turns out Itsuki, who is the daughter of a toy company, has these cards specially made to show a small pattern under special conditions.
2 (26)
However, Yumeko noticed this advantage and turns it around without letting Itsuki try even once.
2 (29)
Game, set, and match. You don’t get to play.
2 (35)
Yumeko threatens Itsuki by subtly telling her that she knows her secret. If word got out that her family’s toy company purposefully creates faulty goods, her family would be ruined.
2 (42)
This series will not be subtle at implying that gambling is better than sex.
2 (46)
Now there’s a picture that should be in the yearbook.
2 (47)
Itsuki can’t deal.
2 (48)
“So boring.”
2 (50)
Ryouta is understandably freaked out.
2 (51)
The student council in the flesh.
2 (52)
Yumeko wants to play some more after school. The two of them are told of an official match that’s happening right now.
2 (53)
Turns out one of the participants is Mary and she’s at the end of her rope.
2 (54)
Mary attempts to reduce her debt but ends up losing another 40 million yen.
2 (55)
She’s from the student council and she’s probably next week’s opponent.
2 (56)
Mary’s wail of anguish.

3 thoughts on “Kakegurui Episode 2 Review – “A Boring Girl”

  1. I couldn’t find the episode of sumeragi itsuki and yumeko jabami’s gamble match on netflix. I could only watch the gamble match in the live action. Why is that?


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