Tsurezure Children Episode 2 Review

(Spoilers in this review)

It’s a new semester aka spring. And this is most evidently felt in the first two segments considering how new characters, who interact with characters that were introduced in episode one, are brought in.

The first segment features Hotaru, the younger sister of Jun, becoming frustrated over how Yuki is so attached and flirty towards Jun. Yes, Hotaru comes across as being a bit of a brocon, but her frustrated reactionary faces are hilarious. Jun will continue to struggle between deciding to accepting or rejecting Yuki for a while yet.

2 (6)2 (11)2 (12)

The second segment features Satsuki attempting to recruit members for the Astronomy Club. Kaga, who was desperately looking for some sort of passion or hobby in his life, ends up falling for Satsuki’s cheerfulness and joins the club.2 (13)2 (14)2 (15)

The following segment has Ayaka confessing to Takeru after the two of them looked for her contact lenses as well as after a slight misunderstanding due to a lack of communication.2 (25)2 (27)2 (29)

The closing segment has a girl, who is named Chizuru, share an umbrella with a boy, a classmate named Takurou. He tries to confess to her but Chizuru failed to understand his intentions, Somehow.2 (31)2 (32)2 (33)

None of these stories or segments are particularly original or inspired, but I do believe the series does a great job conveying the awkwardness and abruptness of high school crushes (and love) to the audience. It’s a lighthearted watch and it delivers on that front!

6 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children Episode 2 Review

  1. Is this an anthology kinda thing that focuses on different hs couples each week? The premise sounds interesting with potential for awkward hilarity.

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    1. Mmm kind of. The couples will make repeat appearances. And the epidodes have gone out of their way to rearrange the order in which the couples appeared in thr manga so that each episode has a “theme” of sorts due to the couples.

      Mmm awkward humor is this series’ forte. The romance won’t be deep but it does what it can with 13 minutes per episode.

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    1. Thanks, Prattle. I feel iffy about the quality of the episode reviews but now I’m finally caught up.

      Since my sleep schedule is messed up, I think I have some time to work on content that isn’t actually an episode review. Don’t look forward to it.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you, Prattle. I’ll keep my head raised high. Funny how a show I’m not that into received an episode review that was considered well written by Prattle!

          Hmmm it’s four am now. I guess I can catch a short nap before work.

          Ehehe c:


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