Centaur no Nayami Episode 2 Review

(Spoilers in this review)

The first half of the episode involves Hime doing some part-time work as a model. Nozomi is essentially blackmailed into doing some cosplay with Akechi, a character who was introduced in this episode, who is dating Inukai (who is also a girl), and who is quick to remind Nozomi that working part-time is against school rules. After some talk about career choices, this half ends after Nozomi confronts Akechi over the fact that Akechi also works part-time at a maid cafe.

The second half of the episode involves the main trio reminiscing about the joint class they shared with merfolk. Kyouko turned out to be popular with the guys (it seems like merfolk were attracted to squinty eyes, which were how mermaids were drawn in original Japanese legend), Nozomi was harrassed by a mermaid who was a BL fan and who thought Nozomi looked like a boy, and Hime was stared at by lustful mermen.

Viewers were also introduced to Shizuura, a mermaid who is carried around by her childhood friend, Koma, since she only has fins. Koma looks into acquring some sort of device that would let her walk, but Shizuura talks her out of it.

Centaur no Nayami continues to try strange attempts at social commentary. The constant pushes for equality above all else (including civil rights and life itself, according to the teacher in episode 1), seems poorly thought-out, insensitive, and just awkward.

Akechi’s behavior during this episode was also troubling. From blackmailing Nozomi to groping Manami (in front of her girlfriend, no less), this girl is out of control wild child. How she gets away with such behavior is beyond anyone’s guess. The way the mermaid treated Nozomi also was not okay. But it seems like the series is swiping at anything to get a laugh.

Perhaps I’m getting too analytical and critical for a series like this. I do appreciate that there’s an actual lesbian couple. But Centuar no Nayami has not been a very fun watch so far.

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6 thoughts on “Centaur no Nayami Episode 2 Review

  1. This show ended up being a bit more mature than I thought it would be, which is to say I had some pretty low expectations.

    From these first few episodes it feels like Nozomi is a gag target. The treatment seems a little insensitive, I’ll agree, but it’s anime so I’m not terribly surprised by this.

    As I alluded, the show did surprise me a little and I found it kind of cute, but it does suffer from a number of flaws that dampen whatever it seems to be going for, which leads me to my question:

    What do you think it’s going for? The insistence on equality feels a bit too heavy handed and matter of fact to be the actual lesson here. It’s also a little strange how it’s not a mutual respect that ensures equality, but rather strict enforcement that lands even school kids in correctional programs for discrimination.

    What it feels like to me, and this might be a stretch, is a criticism on the idea that everyone is completely equal. Centaurs run faster than other races. Angelfolk have a mysterious reason for having wings. These races and individuals are different and rather than admiring or celebrating what makes them unique, it’s drilled into them that they’re not different at all.

    I might be giving the show too much credit in thinking it’s /that/ smart, though. After all, this episode gave merfolk the anatomy to be able to wear bikini briefs for no apparent reason.


    1. I think it could be argued that this is some sort of criticism regarding equality considering how far the concept is pushed. But it also seems insincere with how Hime’s friends opted to lie against her…backside (?) for warmth.
      Then again you might be overthinking things and the author of thr original source material just eanted to draw monster people.
      With such an emphasis in equality for 2 episodes straight, I think its message in that regard is very much intentional. It remains to be determined whether or not the aformentioned aesop(s) is/are to be taken at face-value.


  2. Hmm, I have to agree with D’s comment. The screencaps look really funny, but reading through this post really makes me think twice about watching it. Oh well, maybe it will get better. I’ve seen plenty of shows that started off pretty bad, but ended up being okay later on. Fingers crossed 😊

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  3. On one hand, I’m delighted by the screencaps showing a myriad of supernatural creatures. On the other, your summary and opinion of the episode makes me wary about its overall quality :/

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    1. Well, it seems split. Opinion of the show, that is. According to Prattle some big name critics are praising the show. I do not share the sentiment.

      It comes to whether or not you think they’re doing a good job on social commentary.

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