Fate/Apocrypha Episode 3 Review – “First Step of Fate”

More action and more characters. What more could we ask for?

(Spoilers in this review

And as usual, a lot happens in this episode. I feel like I have to give the play-by-play here.

A Homonuclus escapes from his test tube prison and is protected by Astolfo, who in turn decides to ask Chiron if they can hide him in Chiron’s room. After all, Astolfo’s Master wants to molest him whenever and wherever possible, so Astolfo has no privacy in his own room.

It also seems like Avicebron, Caster of Black, is very determined to revive Adam, the ultimate golem, and he believes this Homunculus is key to accomplishing his goal.

3 (1)3 (3)

There’s a brief scene where Shirou is talking to the other Red Team Masters…and they seem unresponsive. Probably because there’s some sort of thing happening. This purple haze doesn’t seem to be good to inhale.

vlcsnap-2017-07-17-23h58m17s292.jpg3 (4)Following Shirou’s orders that were given at the end of the previous episode, Varna attacks Jeanne, who is then saved by Siegfried and Gordes. Despite the circumstances, Jeanne stays neutral and watches Varna and Siegfried fight. A-1 is doing a decent job animating the fight scenes, sure, but they are a ways off compared to ufotable. Still, it was a climatic and impressive fight. I’m sure a lot of things were left out, however.3 (6)3 (9)3 (12)

During said battle, Siegfriend thinks about his past life. Apparently he saw himself as an existence that’s lived only to grant people’s wishes, right or wrong. He even took his own life since he was told his death would end a war. Alas, another martyr who died for nothing. Fate loves these sort of characters.3 (13)3 (14)Jeanne sure packed a lot of clothes.3 (16)The two Servants tell the Homunculus a few things, namely that he has 3 years to live at best and that he has to decide what to do with his short life, before leaving him alone so he can think things through.3 (17)Caules tries to get to know Frankenstein a bit better, but she can’t really communicate all that well since she can’t talk. However, she does seem fond of him. And it’s revealed that Caules only wishes the best for his older sister (meanwhile, Fiore is more aloof and has stated that she will fight Caules and win if need be).

Fiore and Chiron also hold a conversation and talk about why they want the Holy Grail. Chiron wants his immortality back and Fiore wants to heal her legs while still remaining a Magus.3 (18)3 (19)3 (20)Thankfully we get to see some more Kairi and Mordred interaction. The two have retreated to a mausoleum so Mordred can recover her mana. We find out a few things: Mordred is childish and easily bored, Mordred has a knight’s honor despite fighting like a brute, and Mordred is appreciative of the fact that Kairi calls her King. Kairi ends up receiving a notice from Shirou, who informs them that their Beserker is assaulting the enemy fortress by himself.

I admit, I rewinded and listened to Mordred whine while rolling on the floor several times.3 (23)3 (24)

The two Servants tailing Spartacus have yet to be properly introduced.3 (26)3 (27)

Team Black prepares for battle. It seems like Darnic holds respect for Vlad, too, since he calls Vlad his King. This lasts for about a second since we then see his little smirk.3 (30)3 (28)3 (29)

As I stated earlier, a lot is happening in this episode and characters still need to be introduced. I’m not sure if I can say the action scenes, which are typically top-notch in a Fate series, is the selling point, but I do think it’s entertaining. It seems like there are several schemers in this team battle, too.

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