Knight’s & Magic Episode 3 Review – “Scrap & Build”

I’m over this show.

(Spoilers in this review

You know what you’re getting when you’re walking into Knight’s & Magic. Mechas and magic and an isekai protagonist who knows everything because of his past life as a programmer. Programming solves everything.

Despite meeting viewers’ expectations, I will stop reviewing this series on an episodic basis. Don’t get me wrong – I know there’s plenty of other shows out there that are way worse. But this series just isn’t exciting despite its attempts to lure me in with the fact that Silhouette Knights’ core is a secret or the fact that there is a mole within the school. I can watch an episode and have nothing to say afterwards, which is exactly what happened here. Yes, I’ll keep watching Knight’s & Magic (against my better judgement), but this is the last time I specifically blog about it. Call it a lack of interest, I suppose. Sorry, folks.

tl;dr – the first victim of Summer 2017 on The Lily Garden is Knight’s & Magic.

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5 thoughts on “Knight’s & Magic Episode 3 Review – “Scrap & Build”

  1. Bye bye, Knight & Magic.

    I hope you get something out of watching this show to the end (even if that something is fodder for a scathing review.)

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  2. Well..this sounds like a show to avoid. Ofcourse the shows that aren’t great are available to me, which is pretty typical lol 😂 But, not adding this one to my to watch list that is for sure 😀

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    1. Well, I would include my usual speech about how my opinion isn’t scripture, but it seems like many people also dislike how this show turned out. Some people even jumped ship after finding out it’s yet another isekai with an otaku protagonist.

      You might have to dig around to find a positive review for Knight’s & Magic.

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