Tsurezure Children Episode 3 Review

A boy and a girl have been dating for a year yet the boy hasn’t made any moves. It turns out the boy wasn’t aware that she meant the confession and she had mistakenly thought they were in a relationship. The two do end up dating before their part ends.

3 (5)3 (6)3 (7)3 (8)3 (11)3 (10)

A girl gets rejected by her crush and the Love Master tries his best to comfort her. This basically means he pisses her off and she relieves stress by physically assaulting her annoying senpai.3 (14)3 (15)

A socially awkward man who has poor self esteem and who has the tendency to assume the worst gets asked out by his crush. Turns out he saved her from a molester on the train and she had been interested in him for a long while due to his kindness. This is frustrating and it’s the my least favorite couple in the manga so enough of that.3 (17)

The “rainy day” couple (Takurou and Chizuru) meet up again. He attempts to help her clean despite the fact that he has sports practice soon. They have another conversation where misunderstandings abound: he tries to tell her that he likes her while she assumes he’s talking about cleaning. No progress!3 (18)

Excellent comedic timing. Couples consists of memorable characters. I wish I could be more analytical but my scalp is suffering from SD or something and I think the lack of sleep, the lack of water, and the lack of nutrients is messing up. I’m going to go sleep now. Maybe pining away for someone hasn’t done me any favors, either. I think I will buy some coconut oil tomorrow to massage my scalp or something.

In any case, sorrry!

4 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children Episode 3 Review

  1. “It turns out the boy wasn’t aware that she meant the confession and she had mistakenly thought they were in a relationship”

    Would you believe I read a story like this recently? Except they were actually kissing and going on dates but one was just phenomenally confused.

    I’m curious about why you don’t like that awkward man/interested girl pair? Any particular reasons?

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    1. That person is more dense than a black hole. I hope they were able to resolve the misunderstanding.

      I dislike how he always assumes the worst. Even when she makes it clear she likes him, his cripplingly low self-esteem causes him to reject happiness, which frustrates the viewer. If you remember my (first) post about miscommunication, the secret inspiration between that article was this boy.

      I guess I am guilty of what he does from time to time so it’s a case of self-hate, wahaha.

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      1. Yup, they did. Thankfully.

        Ohh yes, fair. Tbh, miscommunication is one of my least favorite tropes too. Sure, there are writers out there who handle it masterfully and make the pain worthwhile but 8/10 misunderstanding/miscommuniation stories are just – argh.

        I read somewhere that we hate most in others what we dislike in ourselves. I’m guilty of doing that too, though the trait in question is different.

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