Princess Principal Episode 3 Review – “Case 2 Vice Voice”

(Spoilers in this review

The series opts to continue right after where episode left off. As a result, we get to learn that “Ange” and “Charlotte” made some sort of promise (that Princess is intent on keeping by becoming Queen), that Ange had wanted to run away with Princess after being reunited with her, and that Ange resolves to help Princess succeed by becoming a chronic liar.

We also get to see Beatrice in action! For those of you who were observant, you would have notice she seemed to have some sort of device at her throat that allows her to mimic voices. Turns out her father was a mad scientist who enabled that to happen to the poor girl. Despite her misgivings towards spies, Beatrice saw that Ange really does care for Princess and was able to use the device to fool people for the first time.

Not every episode has to be thrillers and twists. Sometimes a series needs episodes that serve to flesh out characters. Nothing wrong with slow burners, either – the series knows the viewers are patient enough to wait for the action and that we’re curious enough to want to know how the girls got together as “friends.”

On a closing note, I wonder how Beatrice knew how the Major sounds like – she had never heard him speak. And I wonder where Ange is going to get a replacement for the Cavonite that she overused to the point of breaking.

3 (1)
I think the viewers will have to accept the fact that we will get many flashbacks of lolis.
3 (2)
The two kind of look alike here but the bangs are totally different.
3 (6)
Tons of guns.
3 (10)
What a messed up father.
3 (11)
Poor Beatrice ;____;
3 (13)
I love the car and I love the hats.
3 (19)
Dorothy doing what Dorothy does best.
3 (23)
Beatrice does a bone-headed move and almost drowns.
3 (25)
Sorry, Beatrice, Ange has a point. You wouldn’t keep your lips sealed if you were caught.
3 (28)
Seems like a breezy day!
3 (35)
It took guts for her to do that.
3 (38)
Ange tries to make sure that at least Beatrice gets away with the plates.
3 (43)
With the help of Ange, Beatrice manages to convince the mob outside the room that the Major is still alive.
3 (49)
Two girls who love Princess a lot.
3 (51)
Seems like Beatrice accepted Ange just a little bit after what they went through together.


2 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 3 Review – “Case 2 Vice Voice”

  1. Finally watched/caught up with Princess Principal last night… It’s a much deeper show than the previews let on. (Much like Love & Lies.) I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

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