Centaur no Nayami Episode 3 Review

(Spoilers in this review)

The first half of the episode revolves around Himeno and her younger cousin, Shino, interacting with Manami (the uptight angel girl who hogs most of the screen time in the ED) and her three younger triplet sisters. Some conversations and lectures about love and girls kissing other girls were had, which only continued once Mitsuyo and Inukai (the two horned girls who are dating each other) showed up. After they part ways, Shino spends the rest of the day with her beloved Himeno and is carried to her mom’s car by Himeno.

The second half of the episode focuses more on Manami, who reluctantly makes the triplets watch the house because she has to attend a student council meeting. Not only do viewers receive some insight into Manami’s mindset regarding family, but viewers also are introduced to Sue, Manami’s youngest sister.

The episode as a whole was centered around family and it sure was comfy to watch. Yes, nothing really happened, but that’s the definition a slice-of-life show, isn’t it?

Be that as it may, the series played with fire in the first half of the episode. Introducing naive little kids who ask the tough questions (about girls kissing other girls and such) isn’t an uncommon move in these sort of series. But if not carefully handled, these sort of inquiries can unintentionally promote the heteronormative narrative while dismissing LGBTQ rights (there’s also some potential debate over how this show is either opting for yuri shiptease or yuribaiting).

Case in point: Manami retorts that girls don’t kiss other girls when they grow up after her sisters wondered if she has ever kissed Himeno. Of course, Manami was only trying to close the lid on a potentially awkward conversation, but her statement could be intrepreted as dismissive towards lesbians. Thankfully, Mitsuyo and Inukai are there to set the record straight. Himeno’s aunt (who is also Shino’s mother) also comes across as being close-minded due to the statements she aimed towards Himeno.

I rather enjoyed Manami being the star of the second half. In my opinion, she makes for a more engaging viewpoint character than either Himeno and Nozomi. Not that I find there to be anything wrong with fluffy nice girls or rough tomboys, but her devotion to her family is rather touching. Plus we get to see more of her adorable little sisters, so I couldn’t really fault this episode too much, could I?

There was apparently an extra person playing with the kids and Manami’s father guesses that a zashiki warashi showed up. I didn’t see an extra child, but sure thing, Centaur no Nayami.

This episode was rather pleasant, but maybe because I was in the mood for some healing. There were a lot of children this week so that could make or break this episode for you!

3 (1)
Shino loves her Hime-neetan!
3 (6)
I love how the triplets have slightly different haircuts.
3 (7)
Mitsuyo carefully placed her hand over Inukai’s horn to avoid being maimed.
3 (9)
Ah, Mitsuyo values Inukai the most (note the kiss on the lips). Inukai is very trusting of Mitsuyo.
3 (10)
But this isn’t cool, Mitsuyo.
3 (12)
Wow, Manami. You’d make a great mom some day.
3 (14)
I do love this attention to detail. So that’s how centaurs can ride in cars!
3 (15)
A kiss for her baby cousin.
3 (17)
3 (21)
Unfortunately, Sue has a weak constitution.
3 (22)
Manami reveals why she values family above all: her grandfather neglected the family and regretted it all (while mistaking Manami for her mother).
3 (29)
I think this girl is rather attached to Sue since she was the one who sort of hugged her during hide-and-seek I AM SO JEALOUS
3 (24)
All accounted for save one zashiki warashi (?)
3 (27)
Ah, they don’t have human ears so the glasses are structured differently.

6 thoughts on “Centaur no Nayami Episode 3 Review

  1. ” girls don’t kiss other girls when they grow up”

    Sure, Jan.

    That car shot and the glasses thing are both pretty brilliant. I hope this show ends up being good for its whole run.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm. I can see why they included it and it was immediately proven false, but some might take issue with said statement being included in the show in the first place.

      Yeah, it’s fascinating. I hope so, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, Manami’s part was really heart warming to see. To be honest, I’m quite glad she won’t be the main character only for the great ED. It might be just me having a natural thing against cow sized breasts though.

    Liked by 1 person

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