Fate/Apocrypha Episode 4 Review – “Price of Life, Redemption of Death”

(Spoilers in this review

The two mysterious Servants who were following Spartacus were revealed (Atalanta and Achilles). The strangeness of how Team Black operates, as well as the entirety of this Great Holy Great War, is brought up. Spartacus goes down. Some Noble Phantasms are teased out but aren’t actually executed in full. The Homunculus attempts to escape with Rider, but Gordes and Siegfried manage to stop them. However, Siegfried has a change of heart (heh) and gives up his own heart in order to save the Homunculus’ life. As a result, the Homunculus…seems to have gotten older? Oh, and Ruler, who manages to show up in time to see Siegfried’s noble sacrifice, promises to keep Homunculus safe.

The animation was a step up compared to what was shown in the previous episodes. A lot less blurry images or still frames. Still, the quality isn’t anywhere close to Unlimited Budget Works.

Many idenities of the Servants are being spilled out already, which makes it quite unlike the other Fate series. But don’t worry! It seems like every Holy Grain War has to feature at least one moronic and selfish Master. It’s a Nasuverse tradition. Gordes is leading the pack so far! Good thing he’s basically out of the picture now.

Speaking of which, the good always die young in the Holy Grail Wars. This time it’s a Saber, though, instead of the usual Lancer. Siegfried was a true hero and I will admit reading up on his brave and kind deed was what got me into this series. Yes, I spoiled myself.

But you don’t have to worry about me spoiling anything for others since this’ll be my last episode review for this series for various reasons. It’s been a very fun ride.

4 (1)
I would also call Atalanta “Anego.”
4 (2)
This is basically a Death Beam Ray Gun against Servants. Rider, you’re OP!
4 (3)
Me after midterms.
4 (4)
Achilles talks a mean game and he backs it up.
4 (9)
Frankenstein about to try her best!
4 (6)
Siegfried is forced to do his Noble Phantasm because Gordes is an idiot.
4 (10)
You ever get stared at like that by bae? No? Good.
4 (7)
Chiron the sniper.
4 (11)
I wonder how does Celenike feel over Rider trying to help Homonculus escape.
4 (12)
Don’t worry, I have arrived to do nothing!
4 (13)
Two boys crossing swords in public, wow!
4 (14)
Self-defense (which doesn’t end well for our boi)
4 (16)
Jeanne is fashionably late.
4 (18)
Oh, my goodness is he…?
4 (22)
4 (25)
We fare thee well, Siegfried.
4 (27)
Now he’s a stud…?
4 (29)
Left or right? I would chose right, personally.
4 (30)
“You’re mine”

4 thoughts on “Fate/Apocrypha Episode 4 Review – “Price of Life, Redemption of Death”

  1. > Left or right? I would chose right, personally.

    daga.. OTOKO DA!

    That aside, Siegfried’s noble sacrifice was truly moving. Too bad he had to leave us so early. Also, last episode review? Hope you won’t drop it at least.

    By the way, Archer of Red isn’t Artemis. But Atanyanta. No, wait I meant Atalanta.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah and that’s not a problem 👌

      His selfless/selfish deed got me good. Ahh it’s for other reasons.

      Ah you’re correct. I just went by memory and didn’t bother checking. Fixed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see. Indeed, 2D saves humanity.

        Oh, then that’s fine I suppose (unless it’s for some serious stuff, in that case hope you get over it).

        Worry not, my memory is so bad to forget about my sister’s school and go pick her up in the wrong one! (By the way, Artemis is far more… bustier, funny how you can’t summon a God but you get her in F/GO because she follows his husband/bear)

        Liked by 1 person

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