Tsurezure Children Episode 4 Review – “Romantic Comedy”

(Spoilers in this review)

  1. Kana and Chiaki, the couple who previously went through a mutual misunderstanding, show up again. But now they are struggling with physical intimacy. The couple finally work up the courage to deepen their relationship, but some familial interference interrupts their explorations of bodily pleasure.

4 (2)

2. Akagi and Ryouko. Bold Student Council President and meek bad girl. The portrayal of Akagi’s behavior was problematic – he came across as predatory and manipulative as well as insincere during his attempts to explain his intentions with Ryouko. Surely some people may consider him to be “smooth,” but I thought otherwise.4 (6)

3. Yuki the teasing girl and Jun the serious and indecisive boy. Yuki yanks his chain again by pretending to lose interest in him, but she wanted to see him get flustered. I can support her mindset, to be honest. Keeps things fun! At any rate, it was nice to see that she was actually very happy that Jun was seriously staring at her. Looks like she does sincerely like Jun, at least.4 (7)

4. Takano the stoic girl was asked by a friend to deliver a confession letter to Takurou the nice guy. Little does she know that Takurou actually likes Takano. Some dramatic irony ensues as Takurou talks to Takano about Takano. In the end, Takurou says that he’ll turn down the girl who tried to confess to him and that he won’t be confessing to his crush (who is, as stated above, Takano). Takano continuously notes that Takurou is a nice guy and she seems to not be against the idea of dating Takurou. But they continue this masochism tango for now.4 (9)

The series continues to be enjoyable with this episode that features young lovers muddling through the daunting concept of physical intimacy, trolling girls, and the classic “I can’t confess to you because _______” situation. The second segment featuring Akagi and Ryouko weren’t to my tastes, but I do react strongly to such behavior in anime. Take my opinion with a grain of salt. The episode was short on hilariously over-the-top reaction faces, as well, but those are just icing on the cake.

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