Netsuzou Trap Episode 4 Review – “…I’m Cheating, Too?”

(Spoilers in this review)

Yuma assumes that Fujiwara and Hotaru slept with each other after walking into the room and seeing Hotaru getting dressed with Fujiwara standing nearby. Feeling upset for some reason, Yuma boldly announces that she’ll be sleeping with Takeda during dinner time and that Hotaru should be with Fujiwara. Be that as it may, Takeda senses that Yuma had Hotaru on her mind and he backs off. Takeda and Yuma end up not having sex and the two drift apart to the point that they don’t talk to each other for the rest of winter break.

After winter break, Takeda and Yuma exchange awkward greetings. After talking to her mob friends, who encourage Yuma to have a serious talk with Takeda, Yuma finds out that Fujiwara is rumored to be dating another girl. We then see Fujiwara receiving texts from someone else, which is followed by him telling a naked Hotaru to leave his room and to go home. Hotaru gets up from his bed while covering her eye.

Yuma pays Hotaru a visit and becomes worried over Hotaru’s eye. The girl claims that she fell. Afterwards, the girls head into Hotaru’s room. Yuma confronts Hotaru over her relationship with Fujiwara, which catches Hotaru off guard. She spills the beans over what she heard about Fujiwara. Hotaru takes it in stride and responds that she’s also cheating. Yuma proves to be a dense girl and asks Hotaru “Who?” Of course, Hotaru is cheating on Fujiwara with Yuma and Yuma is cheating on Takeda with Hotaru!

Yuma’s cell phone then rings – Takeda wanted to have a talk with Yuma. They try talking over the phone, but Hotaru molests Yuma and Takeda senses that she’s with someone else, which causes him to despair.

The series is trying to make the viewer feel varying levels of disgust towards almost all of the characters. I already explained my dislike of Hotaru in the previous episode review (in short, she’s manipulative, pushy, and fond of victim blaming). Fujiwara proves to be a scumbag who cheats on his girlfriend and who is implied to beat on women, so he beats out Hotaru for the worst person on the show thus far.

As for Yuma, the way she didn’t consider her “sessions” of physical intimacy with Hotaru to be cheating behind Takeda’s back speaks volumes of either her naivety or of her heteronormative mindset. Instances of “oh it’s between two girls so _____ doesn’t count” may be included in fiction often and is depressingly common in real life, but it’s rather dismissive towards lesbians and LGBTQ in general, isn’t it?

Takeda is still the nicest person in the series, by the way, and he doesn’t deserve to receive what’s happening to him.

At any rate, I can’t help but consider arguments that support this series as one that support lesbian couples to be fundamentally weak. The last few episodes have been successful at wiping away any sort of optimism while showing its true colors – NTRap is targetted towards boys who like the idea of girls kissing other girls. That being said, the drama is there and I guess prospective viewers can become hooked off that. Maybe seeing bad people do bad things are your thing. You do you.

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17 thoughts on “Netsuzou Trap Episode 4 Review – “…I’m Cheating, Too?”

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  2. ‘Yuma proves to be a dense girl and asks Hotaru “Who?” ‘

    Da actual hell, Yuma? Did you replace a brain cell or two between all that French kissing?

    I’ve seen a few bloggers praise this show and the manga but everything I read on your blog just makes me disgusted from a screen away. Terrible people being terrible together can be fun but this ain’t it (for me at least). And agreesing with you and Matt about this not being good rep for lesbian relationships.

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    1. Just another example of a frustratingly oblivious protagonist or a way to showcase how intimate activities between girls “don’t count.” Choose your poison. Sakura Trick (not to be confused with Sakura Quest) opts for this, too.

      Ah, I know a few people like the show and it makes me feel guilty to be so aggressive and unforgiving. But I’m just not impressed with its execution and themes.

      Mmm Matt hit the nail on the head there.

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  3. This series really sounds like something to avoid as much as possible. Pretty much everything I have read about it so far, isn’t really encouraging me at all to watch this, that’s for sure. Well who knows, maybe in the next episode this will turn into the best series you have ever seen 😀 Naw….I don’t think so either lol 😂

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    1. Well, to be fair, I never enjoyed reading the manga series so I was watching already feeling biased when I started watching the anime.

      There are a few who enjoy the series and it’s nice to see their opinions, but I can’t say I feel the same way as them.

      You and me both. The obligation I feel to cover this series is heavy and restricting.

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      1. the series is perfect in my mind, its realistic completely so when you say its biased towards lesbians, of course it is cause that’s usually what happens irl, also Yuma isn’t aware she is bisexual or lesbian so when she said its just a girls thing to do she is obviously in a state of disbelief she wants to have a boyfriend but in her heart she loves hotura. also Hotura is a amazing character, I wish we could see whats going on in her head more but its obvious she loves Yuma deeply, and in a way she is in a state of denial as well, yes its messed up what she is doing but her boyfriend abuses and rapes her so its no surprise she goes to her love for comfort yes I feel bad for takeda but its a drama series don’t hate lmao.


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