Kakegurui Episode 5 Review – “The Woman Who Became Human”

(Spoilers in this review)

  • Yumeko and Mary reveal they already figured out that Tsubomi and Kiwatari are working together. As a result, everyone at the table is cheating. Yumeko asks for the match to continue since this sequence of events makes the game more fun.
  • Through the power of bluffs, Yumeko and Mary beat down Kiwatari for most of the rounds. He manages to win at the second-to-last round, which puts him at first.
  • During the final round, he tries to tell Tsubomi what to do so he would be guaranteed as first.
  • After seeing how Tsubomi is pushed around by Kiwatari, Yumeko tries to tell her that actually living like “livestock” is not advisible. Tsubomi pushes her away, saying that Yumeko doesn’t understand.
  • The viewer finds out that Tsubomi once had long hair, but Kiwatari cut it off once she became livestock. In order to cope with the abuse and bullying, Tsubomi cut off her emotions, but Yumeko’s words woke Tsubomi up. She called instead of folding and ends up winning the round.
  • Oh, it turns out that Mary and Yumeko incorporated some sneaky lies before the match even started. They claimed different debt amounts and switched the plates between each other. Mary also loaned Suzui a hefty amount of money to increase her own debt. As a result, Mary’s coins became worth a lot more than Yumeko’s coins, which means Kiwatari was last place and forced to shoulder actual debt.
  • Tsubomi became human.
  • Suzui hands back Mary’s check. Mary and Yumeko become friends.
  • Sayaka reveals her true colors in several ways.

There was a bit of misdirection regarding this week’s title and I wrote about it here. I considered it to be well done.

I’m still not sure if this series is engaging with yuri shiptease or yuribaiting at this point, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I do find it amusing to see that Mary was flustered to see Suzui watching Yumeko act very affectionate towards her. Perhaps she liked Suzui and that’s why she was picking on Suzui back when he was livestock? Yikes, that’s elementary schoolchildren behavior, Mary.

Sayaka is still the prettiest girl in my book despite showing…that. She also really really likes the Student Council President! The viewer also finds out that the point of the event was to either drown Kitawara or Yumeko. Therefore the event was technically a success, but Sayaka wonders if it was okay to let a compulsive gambler freely roam around.

With writing that barely manages to get the job done, Kakegurui continues to keep viewers engaged and in suspense as the insane gambles come up again and again. I only wish that viewers had more of a chance to guess at the cheating since they seem to just happen off-screen and then the explanation just swoops in. More camera focus would be nice. This episode was a bit better in that regard since it showed us Tsubomi was arranging her cards before Yumeko revealed her trick, but alas.

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