New Game!! Episode 4 Review – “You…Dullard!”

(Spoilers in this review

The way I see it, this episode was split into three parts.

The first part had Hajime scrambling to secure a ticket to a magical girl concert live. She fails to do and she turns down Hifumi’s offer (since Hifumi was asking the girl if she wanted to have Hifumi’s one and only ticket instead). In the end, Hajime went, along with Yun and her siblings since Yun’s father isn’t into magical girls (which is totally his loss), to the afternoon show. Aoba and Nene bump into Hifumi at the night show and the three girls have a lot of fun cheering together.

The second part had Hifumi and Kou interacting with each other. As the two characters complimented each other over how they are both more expressive, Rin misunderstands and gets jealous over how Kou is acting all chummy with Hifumi. After she sets things straight with Rin, Hifumi is left exhausted and wanting to sleep, but Umiko barges in and tries to lecture her on getting enough sleep (much to Hifumi’s chagrin).

The final part has the girls anxious about getting their demo approved by the publishing company. Aoba is anxious, but the girls lightly scold her for having so little faith in her own product and her co-worker’s capabilities, which serve to cheer the newbie up. Hifumi is told to attend a meeting with Kou and Hazuki – it turns out Hazuki wants to ask if Hifumi feels like being the new project’s character team leader. After some encouragement from Kou, Hifumi agrees to step it up and accept the position. As for the game, the publishing company is impressed by the game demo, which means the project is to receive funding! The woman who announces such happy news is Yamato, a producer from the publishing company.

Long story short, this episode was very much focused on Hifumi and her funny/cute reactions. So rejoice, Hifumin fans, rejoice! That being said, she’s definitely has come a long way since the beginning of this second season, let alone from the beginning of the first season. The girl has made a remarkable amount of progress!

Kou also has made a lot of progress – supposedly. It’s not quite as apparent compared to Hifumi, but we’ll take the characters’ word for it, I suppose. This episode made me realize that Hifumin and Kou have known each other for quite some time compared to the others. I think they hold a special relationship since Hifumin is probably Kou’s first kouhai (considering that Rin joined the same time as Kou did). Yun also has progressed greatly as a character. Instead of just accepting that certain results are set in stone, she encourages an anxious Aoba and gets her to be more confident. Wait, aren’t all these girls developing because of their interaction with Aoba? Aoba, you’re too amazing…

Well, not like the game demo had much chance to fail, but it’s nice to see these characters develop as they continue to have varied interactions that weren’t seen in the previous season. I can’t remember the last time Hifumi was shown talking to Kou or Rin by herself – it’s usually Aoba. They’re also really milking Hifumi’s moe charm, wahaha.

4 (1)
If you ever see any tweets or blog activity between 7 am and 3:30 pm during a weekday, I’m in the bathroom stall slacking off with my phone just like Hajime here.
4 (7)
Hajime thanks Yun for her kindness.
4 (8)
It really makes me happy to see an unrelated woman treat a child as family.
4 (11)
Hajime delivering the smooth talk as usual. Yun stood no chance.
Hifumi goes all out! She’s also really enjoying herself along with Nene and Aoba.
4 (17)
Hifumi misunderstands Kou’s message.
4 (18)
Holy moly I wish I could send emoticons to my boss at work.
4 (19)
It was super effective!
4 (20)
“Kou-chan…you can smile now…”
4 (22)
Kou gives as good as she can take.
4 (23)
More misunderstandings!
4 (29)
Hifumi face 1
4 (30)
Hifumi face 2
4 (31)
Hifumi face 3
4 (32)
I really, really loved the eyecatches for New Game! and the ones for New Game!! shows the same tender love and care found in that of the original series.
4 (35)
It looks like a fun game, but imagine being the bear.
4 (38)
Yun encouraging the greenhorn!
4 (39)
Hazuki suffered for her sins.
4 (42)
Hifumi accepts her fate and becomes the new character team leader.
4 (43)
Here she comes for round two!
4 (45)
Hifumi is intimidated by Umiko.
4 (46)
Yamato is pretty in a way. Side plaits are great.
4 (47)
The girls will do their best! Hajime, too, even though she’s been left out once again!

8 thoughts on “New Game!! Episode 4 Review – “You…Dullard!”

  1. I would hate to be that bear

    “Rin misunderstands and gets jealous over how Kou is acting all chummy with Hifumi”

    Are those two in a relationship or is this the ‘platonic, totally not ho yay’ kinda jealousy?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Oh dear. ( ^◡^)っ✂

      Rin holds strong feelings for Kou that can only be interpreted as romantic interest. Kou, however, is like those oblivious male protagonists in those romcoms. As a result, Rin suffers.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Since we were talking about “resonance” and “identifying” a while back, I’m curious to know which character in New Game!! you identify with. For me, it’d have to be Hazuki (if my weekly review opening snippet wasn’t obvious enough, hehe).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I can see that. Umiko’s threats must prove to be intimidating. Cover your forehead!

      Hmmm I started my first job right around this time last year so I guess I primarily identify with Aoba. But I see parts of myself in Yun and Hifumi, too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was seriously fun to read. Like always!

    But, honestly, how long did you take to watch the episode with so many screenshots???
    Don’t you spend a lot of time???

    Liked by 1 person

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