Monthly Update #10 | August 2017 – “Midseason Musings for Summer 2017, Visual Novels, Real Life Shenanigans”

Hey hey hey! Sorry this one is coming out a few days late.

Can you believe we’re already at August? In a few weeks we’ll be two-thirds of the way through the year 2017!! Time sure has been flying by. Well, it sort of does when the days blur together like this. But I should speak for myself!

Anyways, onto stuff (the importance of said stuff should be determined by you all, not me).

Midseason Musings (Summer 2017)

The quarterly feature is coming out next week sometime later this month. What do I do? I haven’t even started writing it yet. But that’s neither here nor there!

I’ve dropped reviewing a lot of series already, wahaha. Well, depends if you think three is a large number. At any rate, that’s coming up.

Visual Novels

I recently purchased a new laptop with much better specs. Now some of the visual novels I’ve been putting off (since they were really straining my old laptop whenever I tried to play them) can now be completed and reviewed (in time). Hopefully I get to reviewing older visual novels that I’ve already played through, but I keep saying that, don’t I?

The ones I have in mind are Ladykiller in a Bind…and maybe Nights of Azure and Atelier Sophie? The latter two games were porting disasters and keyboard users (like me) have to have like 3 hands to properly play said games. I might just do Ladykiller in a Bind, but I don’t know.


I…might have to start attending university classes again. If I grind out an accounting certificate to compliment my degree in economics, then I might actually find a job with decent pay. My current job has me working for less than minimum wage, wahaha…

This means either Monday or Thursday nights will have me off the grid since I’ll be attending night classes. But it’s for the sake of my future, I guess. I mean, I would rather write all day but that’s tough to strive for. Worry not: I’ll still be active! Blogging and writing are the only constant things I have aside from mahjong and drinking, really.

That’s about it, folks!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Update #10 | August 2017 – “Midseason Musings for Summer 2017, Visual Novels, Real Life Shenanigans”

  1. Good luck with starting classes again! And accounting no less! I was a business major and completed the generic business classes like financial accounting and such, so I know how tough they can be. My semester starts soon too, so maybe we should get some victory KIT KATS to give us luck for the semester? 😀

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  2. What kind of laptop was your old one, and how much of a jump is the new one? I’m not too knowledgable about visual novels, but I imagined they won’t be all that demanding! Also, good hunting on your courses; learnings are always incredibly valuable 🙂

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    1. Old one was Intel(R) Core(TM) i702640M CPU @ 2.80GHz.

      The new one is this:

      You’re definitely right about visual novels not being that taxing overall, but the old one has been struggling with most things these days.

      Atelier Sophie and Nights of Azure are not visual novels and more like JRPGs and hack-n-slash respectively (wait, maybe I can weasel out of playing those with such reasoning. Hm), so those are especially stressful to play on the old rig.

      Thank you! Learning really is important.


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