New Game!! Episode 5 Review – “Hey! Don’t Touch Me There!”

Now that’s a suggestive episode title.

(Spoilers in this review

This episode in a nutshell:

  • stressing the importance of communication along with cooperating with others
  • displaying the exploration of sexual roles
  • encouraging a typical yet useful mindset when it comes to creative art
  • spreading overused beliefs regarding greeting customs in France

Not much else to add besides the fact that both Yun and Hajime learn about how important it is to talk with others if needed. They in turn develop as characters slightly, but the last half of the episode is more centered around Aoba. Seeing the Eagle Jump employees grow as characters as the series progresses is quite the treat and I’m very glad this season is continuing to emphasize this characterization.

5 (1)
Hifumin checks in on people’s progress. She’s become proactive (due to her new position)!
5 (4)
Yun is aware she can’t make a deadline (despite lying to Hifumi) and Hajime is struggling with ideas for game design.
5 (6)
Yun-nee-chan is forced to skip out from pulling an all-nighter in order to return home and prepare breakfast for her kid siblings the following day.
5 (14)
Yun apologizes for her lie and asks for Hifumi to reprimand her. Hifumin starts acting like a dominatrix in response. Despite how this is probably sexual harrassment, the scene is funny.
5 (21)
Hajime attempts to come up with designs for underwater levels. Hazuki pushes for balance and the inclusion of weaknesses (since Hajime’s initial proposal solved the traditional obstacles associated with underwater levels – slowness and inability to breathe).
5 (22)
Thanks to brainstorming with her co-workers, Hajime settles on a great idea that provides perks while featuring drawbacks. Good going!
5 (23)
Eyecatch. I love the eyecatches for New Game!!
5 (25)
Hifumin is too soft on Aoba and she gives her a few more days to work on a character design for the Queen, the final boss of their game.
5 (28)
Kou chooses to let Aoba figure things out for herself. After some encouragment from Rin, Aoba decides to try to learn as much as she can about the Queen.
5 (30)
Hazuki gives Aoba some backstory for the Queen. She also tells Aoba that the Queen doesn’t necessarily have to be a full-grown woman.
5 (31)
After hearing about the Queen’s lonely past, Aoba settles on this design! It only took her a few days.
5 (33)
Meanwhile, Kou whips this up within a few minutes. Heaven and Earth!
5 (41)
Hotaru, a highschool friend and clubmate who went to France, showing how the French greet each other. This is very common in anime and I wonder if it’s actually true.
5 (55)
The episode features some onsen fun, but nothing of value happens during said moments. Hotarun and Aocchi have a heart-to-heart while Nenecchi is out buying ice cream.



11 thoughts on “New Game!! Episode 5 Review – “Hey! Don’t Touch Me There!”

  1. I’ve never even been to France but I have kissed and been kissed on the cheek as greeting by peers and relatives both, and it’s not really a big deal or awkward. Though I’d say it’d be uncomfortable to those who don’t like their space invaded.

    “displaying the exploration of sexual roles”

    Ooh how so?

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    1. Mmm. It just seems like an anime staple to depict foreign countries in general as kissing as a greeting. I believe Karandi did a post about this a few weeks ago. Glad to hear it’s more smooth in real life.

      Mmm of course. Gotta ask first! But that seems to be a secondary concern sometimes?

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    2. In regards to the exploration of sexual roles, Yun, who felt guilty for lying to Hifumi, begs Hifumi to scold her since she felt Hifumi was being too nice and that she would feel better if she face some sort of consquence. Hifumi in turn pretends she is cosplaying and basically turns into a dominatrix, which is a stark difference to how she usually is.

      Aoba reverts to being Little Devil Aoba, which was brought up in season one, while the girls were fooling around in the hot springs.

      I sort of exaggerated but I mean, it’s kind of there. Sorry if that’s a bit too clickbaity ;___;

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    1. They are full length episodes!

      I take joy in watching it. Since I started my first job around the same time the first season started, I found myself really relating to the main character as she struggles to keep up with the adult working world while learning about herself and others. The second season has only increased the frequency of these resonating moments.

      But it does play up the moe factor and some may think that the office work environment is not being perfectly depicted throughout the series. Still, I think it’s a quality show.

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  2. In Australia, some of my older female friends (I think of a bunch of people as friends, including the lovely ladies of my Bible study who range from under 30 to over 90) will frequently greet with a peck on the cheek. It’s definitely not the awkward thing it’s shown to be in this episode. While it’s not something I’d go out of the way to initiate, I have no problem with a hello/goodbye kiss from friends. I’d say that it’s definitely less common with my peers than with older women I know, but definitely not unheard of or weird.

    I have no idea about France though!

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    1. Ah I see (more friends is only a good thing).
      The show did make pecks on the check seem awkward. I’ll believe in your words and hope that this doesn’t turn into an extinct form of greeting.

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  3. French people do kiss each other on the cheek but it’s a real quick peck and not some universal thing. You’d only really do it if you already know each other I think. Though this is going entirely off my few times in Paris so I could be wrong.

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