Sakura Quest Episode 19 Review – “The Foggy Folklore”

(Spoilers in this review

An episode that’s focused on Maki, yay!

Said episode hones in on the past, which makes sense considering that Maki’s past as an actress haunts her in various ways. People still remember her as a minor character in “Oden Detective” and her failing to make it as an actress defines her relationship with her immediate family as well as being the reason behind her lack of ambition. Be that as it may, being forced to do a lot of odd jobs when she was pursuing acting is what allows Maki to help out the Board of Tourism during several pinches, so it’s not like her past is all bad.

Other characters mention or reference the past, as well. The old man thanks Yoshino for trying to revive the Mizuchi Festival, which he single-handedly shut down as a young punk. Ririko tries to record the traditional Manoyama lullaby she sang in an earlier episode so she can spread it throughout the world (and the lyrics for said song evokes the image of yearning for the past). The girls decide on turning the abandoned middle school into some hot-lunch spot for the Mizuchi Festival, preying on people’s nostalgia for middle school lunches to earn that dough.

Meanwhile, Maki’s father can only express his worry for his daughter by bringing up how she dropped out of college or how she failed as an actress. But at least he reminds her that she used to smile a lot, more than she does now, when she was a kid. This, along with Yoshino expressing admiration over how Maki has known what she has wanted to do ever since she was young, pushes Maki to finally decide to try pursuing acting again.

All in all, it was a nice episode that tied up a thread that was left back in episode 14, when Moe pushed Maki into applying for an acting part, while developing Maki who hasn’t received any major characterization since episode 7. With two of the treasures in tow, the girls are inching closer to the restoration of the Mizuchi Festival which will probably serve as the climatic finish to the story at this rate. They just have to continue to push through other obstacles, both minor and major, in order to reach said goal, however.

The rest of the episode review is basically a play-by-play.

The girls head to one of the abandoned local middle schools to find one of the Mizuchi treasures (a huge drum). They happen to run into Maki’s father, who was patrolling the grounds because of rumors about a Bad Santa roaming around the campus. Father and daughter get into a small spat before Maki’s father takes the group to the drum. Sanae tries to advise Maki into patching things with her dad, but Maki is against it.

19 (8)
You can tell they’re family because they know how to rock beanies.
19 (10)
Oh, dear. It might take a lot of yen to fix this drum.

Yoshino and Shiori note that it’ll be a shame for the abandoned middle school to be shut down next next year. The Board of Tourism then goes on a practice march while Maki seems to be picking out scarves and while Ririko is practicing singing the traditonal Manoyama lullaby she performed back in episode 11. Yoshino then has a heart-to-heart with the old man as they continue the practice route over water.

19 (14)
Decisions, decisions.
19 (18)
The sign reads that he’s solely responsible for shutting down the festival. Shiori seems to have defaulted back to giving others back-handed compliments (this time the old man is the victim).
19 (20)
It’s required by law for Japanese minors to cover their face if they record a video to be uploaded. But since Ririko is not a minor, she’s probably wearing a mask out of shyness.
19 (25)
He admits that his drive for the Board of Tourism has always been to make up for how he shut down the Mizuchi Festival. He then thanks Yoshino for forcing him to confront his “crime.”

It turns out Maki had bought a scarf for her mother since it’s her birthday. Maki’s brother convinces Maki to stay for dinner, but things get heated when Maki’s father returns home earlier than usual. As she leaves to head back to the others, Maki is stopped by her brother, who hands her some mail that was directed towards her. Turns out the acting form that Moe convinced Maki to fill out (back in episode 14) passed and she just has to pass an audition to guarantee herself a part in a film (that’s being directed by someone famous). Maki says she’s turning it down and walks away (with her father quietly listening from inside the house).

19 (29)
Hm. I would have picked the blue one to coordinate with their hair color, but sure.
19 (31)
Maki’s mom displays some MOM POWER and shuts them down.
19 (32)
If looks were all that mattered, Maki could easily hack it.

Maki returns to hear Sanae and Yoshino talk about ideas regarding the middle school. She then has a Shower of Indecision.

19 (35)
Never seen a drink carton in a pyramid shape before. I wonder if it makes the juice taste better.
19 (37)
She tries to look tough but she’s torn apart.
19 (40)
Maki’s brother barges in and tells the girls Maki’s situation.
19 (42)
Ririko invites Maki over to help her sing. 
19 (45)
Father and daughter finally have a conversation that isn’t defined by yelling. He curtly tells her that she smiled a lot when she was young.
19 (46)
19 (47)
And Maki listens. She’s rushing to Tokyo!


6 thoughts on “Sakura Quest Episode 19 Review – “The Foggy Folklore”

  1. I’ve not seen a beverage in a tetrahedral package before as such, but when I was a child we used to be able to get iceblocks which were frozen in this shape. I guess if they were melted they’d be drinks in tetrahedral packages?

    I think this is probably one of my favourite episodes of Sakura Quest for a while. It feels like things have started to gain a bit of an overall focus again instead of having the simple two-episode arc formula. I wonder what will happen when Maki goes for her audition next week?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh that sounds neat. Were they just solid blocks of frozen water or were they like blocks of super frozen concentrated apple juice or something?

      I think Sakura Quest’s deviation from the 2-episode arc formula was for the better. I wonder, too. Is it better if she’s accepted? Is it better if she fails to make the cut?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They were ‘fruit’ flavoured I think, like with an orange or an apple flavouring. I also remember them being stupidly hard to eat. You’d snip off the corner, but the ice had to be practically melted to get it out of the tiny, corner-shaped hole.

        It’s hard to tell what is going to be better for story telling. Obviously this series has had a big focus on small-town revival and finding your place in a community. Does it make more sense for Maki to take the job but this gives her the confidence to reconcile with her family, or to not get the job and she settles into life in town? I’m definitely looking forward to finding out what happens!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “Fruit flavored,” huh? Wow, that doesn’t sound practical at all 😦

          Right? It’s hard to say. EIther would work, but alas, there’s only one timeline here. Wait, why am I bringing up parallel worlds? Next week should be interesting!

          Liked by 1 person

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