Kakegurui Episode 6 Review – “Tempting Woman”

(Spoilers in this review)

Despite having earned tons of money during the tournament held by the Student Council (the viewers only got to see her first match where she teamed up with Mary), Yumeko has yet to pay off her debt. The Student Council checked out her background and determined she has the means to stop being livestock whenever she wants to. Suzui, Mary, and the Student Council all conclude that she wants to use the special privilege granted to livestock (livestock can challenge anyone to an official match and they can’t refuse) in order to fight the Student Council President, who has caught Yumeko’s interest.

6 (4)
Turns out Yumeko has no parents and only has an older sister who has been in a specialized hospital for a long time. It’s implied Yumeko has tons and tons of money. Her sister here is making paper cranes out 10,000 yen bills.

Hearing that Yumeko wants to challenge the Student Council President scares Midari (the crazy girl with the eyeypatch) who fears that Yumeko will be broken by their encounter. As a result, she rushes out of the Student Council meeting in order to challenge Yumeko. Meanwhile, Mary, who is alternating between hating the SC for trying to control her life and worrying about Yumeko, is essentially ambushed invited to tea by the Student Council President.

6 (8)
6 (12)
Midari apparently has the authority to arrest students.

Midari takes the two to an underground facility and then challenges Yumeko to a game where the two players attempt to match cards that are dealt by a dealer who is stationed in a seperate room. The winner gets to shoot the loser with a revolver – if the loser only matched 2 cards whereas the winner matched 3 cards, the winner gets to shoot the loser once. Players decide beforehand on how many bullets they want to put into said revolvers and players won’t know which revolver they’ll be using after each round.

6 (14)
This just seemed so out-of-place for the current situtation that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Yumeko accepts the match but adds 3 conditions:

  1. Ryouta is the dealer
  2. There will only be 3 rounds
  3. The loser after said 3 round will pay the winner 1 billion yen.

Midari in turn adds a stipulation of her own: the loser gets to fire back at the winner if the winner misses. Yumeko pauses for a second before accepting.

Meanwhile, SCP congratulates Mary for her splendid performance and then offers her a spot in the Student Council.

6 (26)
They seem like two of a kind.
6 (28)
“I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse”

Ryouta tries his best to help Yumeko, but in the end he couldn’t think of how to tip the scales towards Yumeko’s favor.

Mary seems intent on turning down the SCP’s offer. The SCP then gets very touchy-feely as she peppers Mary with questions. She then admits that she can’t understand Mary’s behavior and that she loves people who she can’t comprehend. This is less yuri shiptease and more along the lines of troubling behavior, but sure.

6 (32)
6 (39)

Ryouta attempts to bluff. Yumeko and Midari then load their revolvers. Yumeko keeps hers empty whereas Midari fully loads hers.

6 (42)
Yumeko’s face was on-point in this episode.
6 (43)
Easy way to show an anime character is deranged: have them lick dangerous things.
6 (44)
She’s backed up!

Midari ends up beating Yumeko by one and then pulls out a revolver which is either fully loaded or empty. Ryouta can only watch in horror as Midari takes aim. However, Yumeko then warns Midari not to shoot the revolver right before she pulls the trigger. Nevertheless, Midari pulls the trigger and it seems to have been Yumeko’s revolver (as in there were no bullets).

6 (45)
“Let’s gooooo”
6 (47)
What does Yumeko mean?

Yumeko’s search for a kindred spirit continues, but it seems like she has found one in Midari. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Perhaps the girls will be shown to be different in a very important way.

Kakegurui continues to not explore Yumeko’s headspace, which makes matches less interesting since she becomes enigmatic. At this point, however, it’s possible that keeping her mysterious is a deliberate move on the creator’s part (and studio’s part). The little viewers and characters learn about her background only serves to make her more of a mystery.

Be that as it may, getting to see how Ryouta thinks is par for the norm, but it’s better than usual since he’s actually part of the match for once. Mary seems to developed as a character as well considering her thoughts.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about a show that likes to shock viewers. It was still a very shocking episode, as usual.

6 thoughts on “Kakegurui Episode 6 Review – “Tempting Woman”

  1. Had to agree with your comment about showing a character is deranged by having them lick dangerous things. It is a far too common action in anime these days. Licking blood or someone’s face is an equally obvious sign.
    Nice episode review and like Raistlin I kind of want to watch this but can’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so, too.
      Ah, I’m glad you’re liking what you’re reading. But I did write an article that kind of pokes at some of the show’s weakpoints while you were busy with IRL so you might want to take a look at that.

      Liked by 1 person

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